10 REAL Demon Photos That Will Give You Chills

Have you seen these demon photos?

5. Arizona Demon

Is this a real demon? The Arizona Demon

When this photo was shared to Facebook in January 2017, it set the Internet alight with rumours.

Allegedly, Phoenix resident Richard Christianson took this mysterious photo was walking through Tucson, Arizona. In the photo is a winged figure that looks to be at least ten-feet tall.

Christianson uploaded the image to his Facebook account on New Years Day with the caption: ‘What the hell do you see in this picture for reals ??? Anybody’.

The photo quickly went viral with news outlets, social media and forums all speculating on what was captured in the image. Some Christian news sites were quick to call the figure a demon and that it’s a sign of the apocalypse. Others however, were a little more cautious in their assessment of the image saying it could quite easily be a fake, with some claiming it to be nothing more than a palm tree in the distance.

Legendary debunking website Snopes.com allegedly reached out to Christianson for comment but he declined to provide further information.

What do you think? Is this a demon signalling the end of days or is it just a viral hoax? Let us know in the comments below.

4. Demon Selfie

Chilling ghost photos

This photos was taken by a mother known only as ‘Heather’ from Pensylvania, using her camera phone. It shows her son posing for a photo but in the background there’s a demonic face with black-eyes peering out from behind the young boy.

The mother claims there was definitely no one behind her son when the photo was taken.

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3. Cave Demon

Real demon photos, this one was taken in a cave in the UAE

This photo of a demon creature lurking in a cave has been floating around the Internet since the mid-90’s. It’s puzzled viewers for decades. With each passing year the photo seems to pick up new details in a sort of mass game of Chinese whispers. With this in mind it’s hard to separate fact from fiction.

The story goes that two boys were exploring a cave in Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. As they went deeper into the cave they heard the terrified screams of another person. As the cave was near pitch black they decided to take a photo, using the flash of the camera to light up the cave for a second to see their surroundings. The flash went off. Bright white light filling the cave. The two boys saw a demon-like creature clinging to the rocky wall. They ran as fast as they could out of the cave, alerting authorities about their encounter.

The next day local police searched the cave and discovered the remains of a young man, partially eaten.

The following week, the two boys returned to England. They contacted the local newspaper, the Bournemouth Advertiser, and told them of their ordeal. The journalist running the story checked the roll of film and discovered this image. Just like the boys described, there was a small demon creature clinging to the wall of the cave.

The article attracted international attention and since then the photo has become infamous.

Experts claim that the photo is a hoax, saying the creature is nothing more than a statue placed in the cave to spook tourists. Others believe the photo to be genuine, citing it as evidence of demons that live among us, in caves and shadows, lurking closer than you might think.

2. Demon Photobomb

Demon photobomb

In 2014 two young U.K. women took a Halloween selfie that would haunt them forever.

After uploading this photo to snapchat, Kayley Atkinson rang her friend Victoria Greeves and told her to take a closer look at the photo they had taken together earlier that evening. In the background is a demonic face looking straight at the camera. It has a strange pale complexion and an eerie grin.

The picture scared both girls so much that they immediately deleted the image from their phones. The two girls were certain that no one was behind them when the photo was taken.

Could they have been visited by a demon?

1. Demon Stalks Hospital

This is one of many real creepy photos, this one is a demon in a hospital visiting a dying patient.

This creepy photo has been doing the social media rounds since around 2014.

It’s hard to verify the source of the image as it’s been shared so many times it’s become somewhat of a creepypasta.

The most common story attached to this photo is that a nurse in a hospital took a screen shot of a security camera that was monitoring patients in the ward. She claims that she saw a demon-like figure walking up and down one particular patient’s bed. It had long black legs, and eerie slender fingers.

When she went to the ward to check on the patient there was no figure in the room, however the patient’s vitals began declining rapidly and the person past away shortly after.

Folklore often tells of strange sightings in hospitals. Dark figures lurking in the periphery, perhaps waiting to take the souls of the recently deceased.

When the photo went viral across social media, ‘debunkers’ got to work analysing the image. As the quality of the original photo is low it’s hard to break the image down. One commentator thought that it’s merely a series of objects compiled together on a strange angle that gives the effect of a lurking creature. While others believe the image to be genuine, saying that this could actually be evidence of a demon collecting the souls of the sick and frail.

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