10 Real Angels Caught on Tape Performing Miracles

Are these Real Angels?

5. Angel Appears After Pope Elected

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otVEsPLPtYQ[/embedyt]

In 2013, photos of an angelic figure in the sky above Miami, Florida were captured by several witnesses. The images quickly went viral when they were posted to the website of a local news channel.

The photos, which were taken just days after Pope Francis was elected, clearly depict what looks to be an angel rising up from the Earth.

Many believed it was a sign from Heaven, announcing the arrival of the new Pope. However, many others claimed that the photos could have been manipulated in some way. The believers were quick to point out that the figure was seen by several witnesses from many different angles, making it unlikely that the photos had been altered.

While the image clearly appears to be a cloud, it also does bare a striking resemblance to the classical image of an angel with its wings outstretched and head looking up towards the Heavens. What do you think? Was this a sign from God or some sort of well timed hoax? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Angel Found Buried in Russia

Angel found buried in Russia - 10 Real Angels Caught on Tape Performing Miracles

Before It’s News

In 2011, Archaeologists were extremely puzzled when they unearthed this skeleton from a burial mound in Russia. The creature, which appears to have wings was buried alongside tools and several weapons.

Nearby, the archaeologists stumbled across another very unusual find. They uncovered the grave of a giant warhorse, almost two meters tall at the shoulder. The scientists that made the discovery claimed that it seemed to be buried with similar ritual and respect as a human would have been at the time. There was also a large trough of grass alongside the animal, presumably for it to feast on during the afterlife.

Did these archaeologists uncover evidence of  an angel and his mighty four-legged steed? Could the scientists have even uncovered a fallen horseman of the apocalypse? Let us know what you  think this bizarre find could be in the comment section below.

3. Angels Caught Flying Over Brazil

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6rjx8zuxko[/embedyt]

In 2014, a cameraman thought he was filming birds over the skies of Brazil but when he examined the footage more closely, he realized he had captured something else entirely.

Two human-like creatures with wings that resemble angels can be seen gliding effortlessly among the clouds. They seem to play with each other soaring higher and higher until they eventually disappear.

2. Angel in Mosque

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2tQXio9_uY[/embedyt]

In this video that surfaced in 2015, a man appears to have filmed an angel praying in a mosque in Azerbaijan. After panning around the room and gazing up at the dome in the middle, the man fixes the camera on several people praying on the floor of the mosque. Among them is a white, brightly glowing figure who also seems to be praying. Seemingly not startled by what he has just seen, the man makes another sweep of the mosque with the camera. Again, he fixes on the people praying and the majestic, glowing white figure can be seen once more.

1. Angel Saves Man on Bike

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZHUzHbFkJs[/embedyt]

This remarkable footage was taken in 2012, from a CCTV camera at an intersection in China. Just as a man riding a bike comes from the left of screen, a speeding truck heads straight through the intersection.

At normal speed, it appears that a flash of light comes from the right and the man on the bike disappears. The truck stops and the driver runs back to the scene thinking he has just ran over the man on the bike. He searches, but is unable to find any trace that the man or the bike were even there.

If you slow down the footage and pause it just before the biker disappears, you can see a second figure. He seems to grab the man on the bike and the two of them disappear.

Many people have claimed that the man in the flash of light may have been a time traveler or even some sort of super human. However, the most popular theory is that it is actually an angel sent to save the man because it simply wasn’t his time to die. Could this be true? Or was it just a clever hoax? Let us know what you think.