10 Rare Photos From History

These Historical Photos Are Just Amazing!

5. Making The MGM Intro

A photo of the MGM Lion - 10 Rare Photos From History

Bored Lion

This photo is of 2 sound engineers recording Jackie the lion’s roar for the famous MGM intro. Jackie was the second lion used by the studio and the first to be heard roaring during MGM’s first ever sound production, White Shadow in the South Seas. Jackie the lion appeared from 1928 to 1956 on all opening credits including The Wizard of Oz released in 1939.

4. The Nazi’s Bear Arms

A photo of German soldiers posing with a stuffed bear - 10 Rare Photos From History


This photo of German soldiers posing with a man in a polar bear costume is very odd to say the least. This was apparently part of a strange craze in Germany at the time with many photos taken between 1920 and 1960 showing Germans standing alongside a pretend polar bear. Here’s one of a couple posing with a bear while on a beachside holiday by the Baltic Sea.


Daily Mail

3. John McCain Captured

A photo of John McCain being captured by Vietnamese villagers - 10 Rare Photos From History


This photo taken in 1967 shows senior United States Senator and Republican presidential nominee, John McCain being captured by North Vietnamese civilians after having his plane shot down during a bombing run. McCain was subsequently held as a prisoner of war for 5 and a half years, receiving several severe beatings which left him unable to lift his arms above his shoulders.

2. Massive Manta Ray

A photo of a giant manta ray - 10 Rare Photos From History

Deep Sea News

This image of a photo postcard shows a giant oceanic manta ray captured by Captain A.L. Kahn on August 26th, 1933. While some claim this to be a model, the ray was reported by a newspaper to be more than 20 feet in width and weigh a staggering 5000 lbs! This monster of the deep was said to have become entangled in the anchor line of the captain’s ship and had to be shot by the coast guard 22 times before it could be hauled ashore.

1. Perfectly Timed Plane Crash



This heart-stopping image was taken on the 19th September, 1962 by professional photographer Jim Meads who was on hand to witness a test flight of an English Electric Lightning F1 aircraft. As the plane was coming in to land the pilot lost control barely managing to eject in time. The pilot survived the crash, falling through the roof of a greenhouse, breaking both legs as he fell unconscious to the ground.


These were 10 rare photos in history captured at just the right moment. Let us know of any other photos you have seen that could have made this top 10 list.