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10 Psychic Destinations to Heal Your Soul or Scare You Out of Your Wits!

Have you visited any of these psychic places?

5) Winchester House, California, USA

Winchester House is one of the top destinations of any ghost-hunting enthusiast; it’s a spooky construction project full of dead-end staircases going nowhere, doors that open onto brick walls or scary drops and a window with a spider-web motif etched on the glass.

It was built by Sarah Winchester after the death of her child and her husband, a rifle maker. According to legend, she consulted a seer and was told that her family had been killed by the ghosts of those who in turn had been killed by the bullets from her family’s guns, and the only way the ghosts would be satisfied would be perpetual construction on the family’s mansion. 

This creepy house has been the site of many ghost sightings and reports of paranormal activities, so be sure to check it out on your ghost hunting trips; you can even take a tour of the house, which lasts slightly less than three hours.  

4) Shikoku, Japan

Shikoku is a holy land in Japan with its own pilgrimage route, Shikoku Henro: pilgrims travel over 1,200 km, visiting 88 holy places along their trip. All the holy places and temples along the road have historical roots and are places where other monks and religious leaders trained. 

You can also visit Shikoku Karst, a beautiful natural park, and the unique botanical gardens, featuring a sacred temple and Japanese culture.

3) Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest is known as “the perfect place to die”, and is unfortunately the world’s second most popular place to commit suicide. It’s dark and creepy, and is very interesting to Japanese ghost-hunters and spiritualists. 

It’s not recommended to stray from the official paths because it’s very easy to get lost – not to mention the paranormal activity which seems to permeate the place. According to mythology, this dark unsavory forest is haunted by demons.

2) Holy Isle, Scotland

Holy Isle is on the Isle of Arran, on the western coast of Scotland. It’s a Buddhist-focused destination but it also welcomes non-Buddhists; on the Holy Isle it’s possible to take part in workshop experiences which can help you understand the Buddhist practice better, as well as outdoor meditation sessions.

The Isle of Arran also has its own spiritual roots; as a sacred area of the Isle, Machrie Moor, has several standing stones and ancient stone circles. No one knows how the stones got there, but Scottish legends and myths attribute the stones to mythical heroes. 

1) Glamis Castle, Scotland

This fascinating folkloric castle in Scotland has been said to be full of ghosts, mostly connected to witchcraft, treachery and torture. Glamis has been the site of many apparitions, such as witches, tongueless women, chained specters, a man in a sealed room playing dice with the devil and many others!

So there you have it: these are our top picks for spiritual and haunted destinations. With so much to pick from, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs!

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