10 Photos That Should Not Exist

These Mysterious Photos Cannot Be Explained

5. The Portuguese Giant

The Portuguese Giant - 10 Photos That Should Not Exist

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This image is a still from a video that surfaced online in mid 2016. The footage, supposedly shot in a Portuguese desert shows a tall, ogre-like creature slowly meandering along a path before it disappears into a bush. The video quickly gained more than 200,000 views as people began debating whether the footage was real or not and what the creature might actually be.

Some believe that it may be similar to the South American chupacabra, the cryptid believed to be responsible for killing hundreds of goats, leaving their bodies completely drained of blood.

Others believe that it could be a distant cousin of the North American Big Foot, the ape-like humanoid that is said to roam the woods of the Pacific North West.

4. The Infamous ‘Cowboy in the Ground’ Photo

The Infamous 'Cowboy in the Ground' Photo - 10 Photos That Should Not Exist

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This photo was taken by actor and recording artist, Ike Clanton at the Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone, Arizona. Clanton, who was related to the infamous Clanton Gang that did battle with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday at the OK Coral, took a photo of his friend at the cemetery posing in 1880’s period clothing. He deliberately took a black and white photo to give it an authentic old west feel.

When he had the image developed, he could not believe what he saw. Over his friend’s shoulder there appears to be a man wearing a dark hat, buried up to his waist among the graves.

Clanton insisted that there was no one else in the area at the time the photo was taken.

To make the story even creepier, Clanton believes that the man is actually holding a large knife. When asked about the photo he said, “We thought this was a tie at first, but after further review, it appears to be a knife. The knife is in a vertical position; the tip is located just below the figure’s right collar.”

While this photo has been around for a while, no one has been able to prove who or what the mysterious figure is. What do you think? Camera trick or has Clanton captured the ghost of a restless cowboy rising from the grave?

3. Gigantic Grasshopper

Gigantic Grasshopper - 10 Photos That Should Not Exist


This photo of a young hunter was supposedly taken somewhere in Australia. The photo shows the man holding a gigantic grasshopper in one hand that he had reportedly shot and killed while hunting in the outback.

The image first appeared in an Australian magazine in 1937 along with an article claiming that the hunter had shot the world’s largest grasshopper.

Recently, someone came forward on the internet claiming that the photo was of their grandpa and that it was actually taken in Eastern Montana. They said that while he was out hunting one day, he was approached by an unknown photographer. The photographer asked the man to hold out his empty left hand while posing with his gun. He then snapped a few pictures and left.

If the image has been doctored in some way, the person has done a remarkable job. This photo was taken long before Photoshop was invented.

What do you think? Is this and actual photo of a gigantic Australian grasshopper or has the image been somehow manipulated?

2. Ghostly Face in a Coffin

Ghostly Face in a Coffin - 10 Photos That Should Not Exist


This creepy photo was taken at the Crumlin Road Prison in Northern Ireland. The man inside the coffin posed for the photo as a prank but when he saw it he quickly realized that the camera had captured more than just a joke. To the side of the man’s head you can clearly see the face of someone else lying in the coffin behind him.

Today the prison is a tourist attraction, however it was once the scene of many gruesome executions, murders and suicides. This photo was reported to have been taken near cell 13. The cell where prisoners would spend their last night before being send to the gallows.

What do you think? Has this picture captured the ghostly face of a past inmate? Let us know in the comment section below.

1. The Hook Island Sea Monster

The Hook Island Sea Monster - 10 Photos That Should Not Exist

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This photo was taken by Frenchman Robert Le Serrec on 12th December, 1964. Serrec and his family were staying on Hook Island off the coast of Queensland, Australia in a group of islands known as the Whitsundays. While crossing the bay in a small boat, Serrec’s wife noticed what appeared to be a large tadpole-like creature lying on the bottom of the sand which they estimated to be between 75-80 feet in length.

Thinking that the creature was dead, Serrec and family friend Henk de Jong, decided to jump into the water and film the beast. To their surprise, the creature opened its mouth and began swimming towards them!

By the time the pair made it back to the boat the mysterious beast had swam away.

Serrec described the creature as having eyes on the top of its head with pale, slit shaped pupils. Its body was smooth and it had no visible fins or spines. He claimed that the creature also appeared to be injured and may have been seeking refuge in the shallow lagoon to recover.

Since the photo surfaced, many have claimed it to be a hoax. The most popular dismissal is that it is a clever Photoshop job. However, the photo was taken in 1964 and a detailed account was written up by zoologist Bernard Heuvelmans in 1968 so it is not possible that Photoshop was used.

Several other theories exist including the idea that it could have been a giant swamp eel. However eels rarely grow larger than 1 meter. Other theories suggested that it could have been a school of fish or a sunken weather balloon. Some believe that it could have been a hoax perpetrated by Serrec using a large piece of plastic sheeting weighed down by sand.

To this day, no one has been able to definitively explain the mysterious creature captured in this photo.

While Serrec didn’t manage to film the beast he did capture these two additional images along with the more famous one at the top. What do you think? Did Serrec photograph an as yet undiscovered sea creature or was it something else? Let us know in the comment section below.