10 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist

These Real Photos Will Leave You Speechless

5. Weird Worm

A mysterious photo of a large worm-like creature discovered in Cambodia.

The Black Vault

In 2013, a Japanese news site posted this photo of what appears to be some sort of giant worm-like creature found in Cambodia. In the background, hundreds of bemused onlookers can be seen watching on as the unidentified beast is lifted into the air. Some have speculated that the animal seen in this picture could actually be a beached whale however the creature doesn’t seem to have any fins and the body looks elongated like that of an eel. Could it simply be a whale or is it something else entirely?

4. Skull From a Meteorite

A mysterious photo of a skull discovered in Africa that is 14 million years old.

UFO Digest

Supposedly discovered in Africa in 2011, this skull is reported to be up to 14 million years old. It’s features appear to be somewhat humanoid, however it doesn’t match any other specimen on record. If the age of the skull is accurate it would predate the oldest discovered remains of anatomically modern man by around 13.7 million years.

The skull has reportedly been tested at 25 major universities including Coney Island University in New York and is said to also contain large amounts of iridium, a common substance found in meteorites. Is this the skull of an undiscovered species that once roamed the Earth? Could it be of extraterrestrial origin? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

3. Mysterious Ailment

A photo of Ella Harper, a girl that had backwards knees.


This photo taken in the late 1800’s, shows a girl with an orthopedic ailment known as congenital genu recurvatum. The knees of one who suffers from this condition actually bend backwards and many find it easier to walk on all fours rather than upright. Although the condition is rare, cases have been reported as far back as the early 19th century.

The girl seen in this photo is Ella Harper. Known as ‘The Camel Girl’, Harper was the star of W. H. Harris’s Nickel Plate Circus and earned $200 a week – very good money at the time.

Harper is said to have married a man named Robert L. Savely in 1905 and the two had a daughter named Mabel. It is unknown if she also had the condition.

2. Blobs From The Sky

A mysterious photo of a blob that fell from the sky in Oakville, Washington.

The Things

In 1994 residents of the small town of Oakville, Washington got a nasty surprise when blobs started raining down from the sky. The blobs pictured here, continued to fall from the sky for 3 weeks making all who came in contact with them ill. Samples was sent to a lab for investigation and it was discovered that the gelatinous goo contained human white blood cells. To this day no one knows what they blobs were but some have speculated they may have been waste from a plane or some sort of classified military experiment.

1. Ghostly Revelation

A mysterious photo of a young girl playing on the floor with a ghost in the foreground.


This photograph was reportedly taken by a man who wanted to get a happy snap of his daughter playing with her toys in the lounge room. When the photo was developed, the man could not believe what he saw. In front of his daughter is a ghostly figure crawling across the floor! What do you think? a glitch on the film? Or evidence of the afterlife?


That was 10 mysterious photos that should not exist. Which one do you think was the weirdest? Let us know!