10 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

What Could These Strange Creatures Actually Be?

5. Dragon Skeleton Surfaces in China

In 2017, this video emerged from Zhangjiakou City, in China’s northern Hebei Province that reportedly shows the skeletal remains of a dragon.

When the footage was released it immediately went viral with the clip garnering more than ten million views in just a few days. Many are convinced that the skeleton seen is that of a legendary Chinese dragon, however others are not so sure. Several viewers pointed out that the skull of the dragon looks as though it could be made out of the bones of a cow.

Even though it’s unclear exactly where or even how the bones were discovered, many people from the surrounding area managed to gather to catch a glimpse of the find.

Could it actually be the skeleton of a real dragon? Or is it just a clever hoax? Until further research in conducted on the bones, the answer will remain a mystery.

4. Real Gnome Spotted in Garden

At first, this video appears to have captured nothing out of the ordinary. Just some mundane footage of someone’s backyard. The quality is low and the person holding the camera is having a hard time keeping it still.

A few seconds in however, the gnome in the white hat begins to move! It turns to the side and shuffles off behind a flower pot!

While the shaky style in which the clip is filmed could be an intentional ploy to cover some sub par special effects it could also be that the camera holder is shaking because they are genuinely shocked at what they’re seeing. The fact that there is also no information about where the video was filmed makes it even more mysterious.

The gnome looks real enough but what do you think? Could it actually be a living garden gnome or is it simply special effects magic?

3. Flying Beast Filmed Over Pennsylvania

This video was uploaded to All in One’s YouTube channel in 2016. The cameraman was filming what he thought was a bird in the skies over Pennsylvania but soon realized that the creature was much larger.

If you look closely, it appears to resembles a pterosaur. A giant flying reptile that became extinct around the same time as the dinosaurs. Others have noted the large wings and long tail of the creature suggesting that it may actually be a dragon.

While the poor video quality makes it difficult to definitively identify the beast, one thing is for sure, whatever it is, it is far too big to be a bird!

2. Dinosaur Caught on Camera

Uploaded to Real Paranormal Videos in 2016, this video has reportedly captured evidence of a live dinosaur.

It is difficult to make out the creature in any detail as it moves fast and only appears on camera for a brief moment before running behind a thicket of reeds. However, unlike many of the other videos on this list this footage is actually fairly good quality. If you zoom in on the creature you can definitely see the resemblance to a velociraptor like those seen in the Jurassic Park films.

Today, many people believe that some dinosaurs may still exist in areas untouched by humans. Sightings have been reported all over the globe. From the jungles of South America to the Congo Basin in Central Africa. Even the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland is believed by some to be an ancient plesiosaur.

Could dinosaurs still be roaming the Earth? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

1. Cave Alien Filmed in South America

This footage was reportedly captured in Northern Chile in an area that is supposedly home to many strange creatures. Locals believe that the caves in this area are actually home to a race of alien shape-shifters. They say that these shape-shifters have the ability to turn themselves into dogs which allows them to explore the nearby beaches for food. Once the creatures return to the safety of the caves however, they once again take on their true form.

From this footage, it appears that they look like some sort of large goat-like animal. They have large, backward facing horns and long, sharply clawed limbs. For a brief second you catch a glimpse of the creature’s face. It looks similar to that of a dragon with rows of sharp, pointy teeth. Its eyes are multi-colored and seem to glow in the dark.

Many believe that the reason that these alien creatures have remained undetected for so long is that the area in which they live is remote and rarely visited by humans.

We’d love to get you opinion on this one. Do you think this video actually proves that the caves or Northern Chile are home to a race of mysterious alien shape-shifters? Or is it all just an elaborate hoax?