10 Most Haunted Places in the Philippines

Would you visit these haunted locations?

5. University of the Philippines, Los Banos

The University of the Philippines is one of the Most Haunted Places in the Philippines
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It seems World War 2 still has lingering effects in the Philippines in the form of hauntings. The Los Banos campus certainly has its share. Not only did the campus witness the war, but it is also located at the foot of a spooky mountain – Mt. Makiling. There are reported sighting of the kapre – a Filipino mythical creature. Students often report that the university’s bridges always seem longer to cross during the night. Additionally, the campus is close to the Baker Hall – an infamous Japanese war camp. It’s said that ghosts of former prisoners linger in the area, unaware of their demise.

4. San Jose Buenavista

San Jose de Buenavista is one of the Most Haunted Places in the Philippines
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San Jose is the capital town in the province of Antique on Panay Island. Locals believe the area is haunted by ghost pirates. They say the pirates lurk in the shadows near the docks. It’s thought that these ghost pirates will fiercely defend their territory, guarding their hoards of treasure from years gone by.

San Jose also has churches that were built on top of burial grounds by the Spanish. Many people report these churches to be among the most haunted places in the Philippines. Some say the area is tormented by a mythical creature known as a WakWak – the supposed bird form of a vampire or witch. These wild creatures are known to tear the flesh from animals and humans and gorge on the spilled blood. Graves in the local cemetery are often adorned with garlic and surrounded by lines of salt in an effort to repel these evil creatures.

3. Balete Drive, New Manila

Balete Drive is one of the Most Haunted Places in the Philippines
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The Balete Drive is famous for sightings of a ‘ghost’ white lady in addition to numorous haunted houses which were constructed during the 19th century. This area is abundant with Balete trees which are said to be the favorite resting grounds for lost and wandering spirits. It is said they sit in the Balete trees waiting to prey on their next victims.

It is believed the ghost white lady was a woman who was accosted and raped by Japanese soldiers during World War 2. Her corpse was reportedly not even buried; it was thrown into a ditch by the road where it remained for several years. Bit by bit of the deceased’s body was picked apart by rats, birds, insects, and other creatures until it was no more. It is claimed that part of her hair and bones are buried in underground rat holes or perched in branches as part of birds’ nests.

Her face is said to be have taken by the man who killed her as a personal souvenir. It is believed that her spirit still searches for the man or his descendants to exact her revenge.

Those who have witnessed her ghost advise motorists to avoid the Balete drive at all costs particularly if they are alone. If you have to use the route, ensure your backseat is full and that no one looks behind or at the mirrors. Take a taxi cab along this route, and you will notice the driver’s edginess when you come near this spot. For if either of you notices her, you are in for a violent death. You can only mitigate this disastrous outcome by fasting and reciting the holy rosary for the next three days. Only then will you be spared.

Those that have seen the white lady’s ghost, and lived to tell the tale, report of seeing an apparition wearing a long, white, and blood-stained gown that is tattered, ripped, and with long disheveled hair. Her face is indistinguishable and is covered with dripping blood.

The modern tale of her story purports that she faced a gruesome death in the hands of a Taxi driver. Coincidentally, almost everyone that reports of her sighting is either a sole driver or motorcyclist.

2. San Juan, La Union

San Juan La Union is definitely one of the Most Haunted Places in the Philippines
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The San Juan area is home to strange stories. One of these tales is about the Pasatsat (ghosts from the Second World War). Because graveyards and coffins were too pricey for the natives, they instead wrapped their dead in reed mats. Apparently, if someone becomes haunted by a Pasatsat, they will have to find their grave and stab their reed coffin to lay the angry spirit to rest. Pasatsat means ‘to stab’.

That is not all; there is a ‘Devil Man’ in San Juan whose M.O is to ask for cigars. Those that have encountered the Devil Man report that instead of a face, he has extreme darkness in its place and usually dons a wide-brimmed hat. Give him a cigarette, and you will be okay. He also has a penchant for native cigarettes.

San Juan also has a headless nun that was reportedly beheaded by the Spanish. If see her and she touches you on your left shoulder, you will either go mad or die.

1. The Manila Film Center

The old Manila Film Center is one of the Most Haunted Places in the Philippines
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Among the most haunted places in the Philippines, the Manila Film Center has to take first place. It is said that the spirits of those that died constructing the center still roam around the area looking for live bodies to inhabit.

The bizarre stories behind the Manila Film Center began in the 198os during its construction. Apparently, the construction was rushed in a bid to meet the date of a certain festival. This led to the ceiling scaffolding collapsing and sending the men working on it plummeting down to their deaths. Instead of retrieving the bodies or rescuing survivors, the First Lady, Imelda Marcos, who was the project’s chief financier ordered that cement to be poured where the men had landed, entombing them forever.

Since then there have been strange happenings all around the facility. Even though the film center is still operational, it is marred by controversy and paranormal activities.

People often report things moving on their own, loud banging and strange whispering. Some have said they’ve heard crying coming from the toilets but when they go to investigate there is no one there.