10 Most Forbidden Places on Earth

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5. Snake Island, Brazil

Snake Island in Brazil is one of the most forbidden places on Earth

Snake Island is a restricted, terrifying place.

The island is located off the coast of Brazil and according to the Brazilian government, it is absolutely off limits to visitors.

Based on what lives on the island, most people wouldn’t want to visit the island even if they were allowed to. The reason that this terrifying place is so restricted is that it’s thought to be the only place on Earth you can find the Golden Lancehead Viper. This snake’s venom is so dangerous that is can melt the flesh off of a human body.

There are plenty of other dangerous snakes also living in the forested sanctuary. Some reports estimate that there are as many as 4000 snakes on the island, with one snake to be found every six square yards.

Scientists aren’t sure why there is such a big population of snakes on the island. It’s thought that seclusion and a lack of land dwelling predators make for the perfect breeding ground, producing thousands of these slithery, flesh melting bandits.

4. Mount Weather, Virginia

Mt Weather is one of the most forbidden places on Earth
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About 46 miles from Washington D.C., located deep inside a mountain, is a secret military base and hideout. It was designed to be a safe place for high ranking government and military officials to evacuate to in the case of a nuclear war or any other serious disaster.

The facility is equipped with living quarters, cafeterias, hospitals, a power plant, and even a mass transit system.

Visitors are not allowed to see inside. In fact, people aren’t even allowed in the general area. Most people don’t even know the place exists. To keep people away, the facility is surrounded by warning signs, chain link fences, and razor wire. There are also armed guards posted in the area 24-hours a day to keep trespassers away.

3. Poveglia Island, Italy

Poveglia Island is located between Lido and Venice in Italy.

The island was originally a quarantine station for the plague. Over the years, around 160,000 infected people died on the island.

Scientists believe that nearly 50 percent of ground soil could contain human remains. Officials believe that the soil is unhealthy and could be contaminated by the people who died and decomposed as a result of the plague.

Many years later, a mental hospital was built on the site. It is believed that some of the patients were tortured and killed while in the hospital.

Some believe the island is now haunted. People have reported seeing strange activity out on the island. Shadowy figures walking along the shore line, lights glowing among trees, even laughter has been heard on the deserted island.

Thankfully, today the island is off limits to visitors.

2. The Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

The Vatican secret archives are one of the most forbidden places on Earth

Of all the places in the world, this is one of the most forbidden.

Inside this building are state papers, papal account books, correspondence, and other documents that have been accumulated over the centuries.

Until 1881, nobody was allowed inside. Finally, Pope Leo XII allowed researchers inside to see some of the building’s contents.

Today, the public is not allowed to enter the building. Only the most highly qualified scholars can apply for entry. Of those who apply, not everyone gets in due to the incredibly strict limitations. It is up to the Pope himself who is and who isn’t allowed inside the secret archives.

1. North Brother Island, New York

North Brother Island is one of the most forbidden places on Earth
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North Brother Island is located on the East River in New York. New York is obviously famous for its sightseeing, with plenty of places for people to go. This is one site that is absolutely forbidden.

The island was originally set up as a quarantine hospital. It is where the infamous Typhoid Mary lived. She was the first American to contract typhoid fever. People suffering from yellow fever, smallpox, and tuberculosis were also quarantined on the island.

The island was the location of the worst loss of life in New York history up until the terror attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

There are many people who believe that the island is haunted by the people who have died there. Officials who have been allowed to visit the island have reported hearing the cries of children, seen shadow figures down hallways and felt strangely cold in certain rooms.

Later, it became a drug rehab centre for a short period of time. Today, the island is off-limits to the public and it is a bird sanctuary for the Black-Crowned Night Heron.