10 Most Disgusting Things Ever Found In Food

These Horrible Things Found In Food Will Make You Never Feel Hungry Again!

5. Chicken Head Found in a McDonald’s Meal

Chicken head found in McDonald's meal - Most Disgusting Things Ever Found In Food


A woman in Newport, Virginia, got quite a shock when she opened her box of McDonald’s wings. Katherine Ortega was preparing dinner for her children when she pulled a fried chicken’s head complete with beak and eyes out of the box. Ortega phoned McDonald’s who told her she could return the meal for a refund or another one. Ortega declined, saying she had lost her appetite. She then made grilled cheese sandwiches for her family saying that the incident has made her want to cook at home from now on.

4. Black Widow Spider Found in a Bag of Grapes

Black widow spider in a bag of grapes - Most Disgusting Things Ever Found In Food


A woman from Langhorne, Pennsylvania, was horrified to find a black widow spider in her bag of grapes. She was washing the grapes, about to serve them to her children when she noticed a small black spider with a red pattern on its midsection moving through the bag.

A bite from a black widow spider can be deadly especially to children and the elderly.

The organic grapes were purchased at BJ’s near the woman’s home and were originally distributed out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

3. Tongue Eating Louse Found in a Can of Tuna

Tongue eating louse found in a can of tuna - Most Disgusting Things Ever Found In Food

The Telegraph

Zoe Butler from Nottingham, UK, received a shock when she opened a can of tuna and saw something unusual on top. When she turned it around and poked it with a fork it seemed to peer up at her. After telling her story to news sources there was speculation as to what the creature was. Originally thought to be a small crab, copepod or even the head of a soft-shelled turtle, scientists at the Natural History Museum said that it was probably the head of tongue eating louse. A tongue eating louse is a sea parasite that lives in the mouths of fish and actually eats away their tongues.

 2. Lizard’s Head Found in Bag of Salad

Lizard's head found in a kale salad in New York - Most Disgusting Things Ever Found In Food

The Telegraph

When Robin Sandusky ordered a kale salad to her New York office from a local restaurant she couldn’t have realised the shock she was about to receive. As she began eating, she noticed something odd in the corner of her bowl. It was the severed head and arm of a lizard. Its eyes were half open and there was insides hanging out the back of its neck. She immediately called the restaurant for a refund. The restaurant offered her a replacement salad which she understandably declined. It was not known if the lizard’s head was originally in the salad mix or if a lizard was somehow decapitated as the salad was being made in the restaurant.

1. Condom Found in Fish Dish

Condom found in a fish dish in China - Most Disgusting Things Ever Found In Food

Sad Useless

In 2014, a group of women ordered a fish dish at a restaurant in the Chinese province of Anhui. One of the women turned over the fish and was horrified to discover a condom amongst the noodles. The disgusted women demanded compensation asking the manager for 100 000 yuan (more than $14 000 USD) as well as reimbursement for any medical expenses. When the shocked manager argued that the condom would have melted if it was put there prior to cooking the unhappy women then proposed that if the manager ate the condom they would not pursue the matter any further. The manager hesitantly agreed and ate the prophylactic to avoid the substantial payout.


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