10 Ghosts Caught on Camera in Haunted Schools

These Creepy Schools Have a Serious Ghost Problem!

5. The Pocatello High School Haunting

This chilling footage was taken from a security camera at Pocatello High School in Idaho on December the 19th, 2014.

The paranormal activity starts when the lights in several areas of the school begin to flicker on and off. Then, a ghostly figure can be seen leaving the bathroom and walking down the hallway.

Pocatello High School has always been a hotbed for ghost sightings. Over the years there have been six confirmed deaths at the school including a boy who drowned in the swimming pool. This, coupled with rumors of a bizarre group suicide and a resident ghost that can be heard playing the piano in the theater at night have lead many to conclude that the school is indeed haunted.

When paranormal research experts John and Lisa Brian were sent in to investigate the claims they even had some of their equipment disappear. It was discovered by a janitor a week later perched on a window sill above one of the school’s stairwells. A place that was impossible to reach without a ladder.

Have the security cameras at Pocatello High School actually captured a ghost of film? If so, could it be the spirit of one of the deceased students? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

4. Ghost Seen at Dance Performance

This footage was captured at a dance school during a group performance. If you look closely at the door in the top left hand corner of the video, a shadowy figure can be seen emerging and then running past the back wall.

There is very little information available on this video. While its possible that the footage was edited after the video was shot, it has still left many skeptics baffled. What is the mysterious ghost-like figure seen running across the stage? If you have any more information on where this video was filmed or what the strange figure might actually be, please let us know in the comments below.

3. Ghostly Janitor in Arkansas School

This footage uploaded to Tubba Rubba’s Youtube channel in 2016, was captured at Fouke Highschool in Arkansas. The video, reportedly sent to the YouTuber by a friend who attends the school, shows a janitor’s cart moving down the hallway all by itself.

While videos like this can be easily faked simply by pulling the object along with a piece of string, there are few factors that make this video more believable. Firstly, the janitor claims that nobody was recorded entering or leaving the area before the incident occurred. The janitor also felt that the cart itself was too heavy to have been pulled along by a piece of string.

But what makes this footage feel really genuine is the unusual way in which the cart moves towards the end of the video. It is clearly heading in a straight line then suddenly changes direction and enters a room on the right. It would be very difficult to make an object move this way by pulling a piece of string.

Could the janitor’s cart be controlled my some sort of mischievous poltergeist? Or does this video have a simpler explanation?

2. Poltergeist Attacks Woman at Driving School

This CCTV footage was reportedly captured in a driving school in Puchong, Malaysia in 2008.

It shows a man and a woman alone in the facility at night. While the video has no sound, it appears that the couple are arguing with each other. The man gets up and leaves the room while the woman stays behind.

The man can then be seen making a phone call in another room. He appears to be startled by a door that mysteriously moves on its own. Then, the computers turn on all by themselves. The man briefly investigates before running out of the room. A few moments later, a chair inexplicably slides across the floor just before the door slams shut and the lights turn off!

The footage cuts back to the woman sitting alone. She turns as a chair begins to move. Shaken, she starts to make a phone call.

Suddenly, she leaps from her seat as another chair moves towards her. She scrambles to her feet and heads for the exit. As she does, the tables and chairs appear to block her escape! She retreats to the corner of the room and then mysteriously collapses.

This mysterious footage raises many questions. Who is the couple in the video and why are they inside a Malaysian driving school at 12:30 am at night? Could it be possible that they’re caretakers or night staff working on the premises?

While skeptics have noted that this video could be staged, it would be particularly difficult to fake. That, and the fact that the woman looks genuinely scared adds to the video’s credibility.

Did this couple really fall victim to some sort of poltergeist attack or was it just an act for the cameras? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

1. Ghost Girl Captured on Security Camera

This video, uploaded in 2016 to Phillip Potgieter’s YouTube channel will surely give you chills! The footage was captured on a security camera at the Helpmekaar Kollege, a private high school in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Filmed late on a Friday evening, the video shows a dark hallway lined with lockers. There seems to be some sort of mist emanating from the far end of the corridor. Suddenly, a child-like figure materializes. Pale and ghostly, the figure appears to be wearing a long white dress. She walks towards the camera and then disappears through a doorway on the right side of the hall.

Has this security camera captured video evidence of a real ghost? Perhaps its the spirit of a young girl who passed away on campus, forced to eternally wander the halls of this haunted school?