10 Ghost Sightings Caught on Camera

These will give you the chills!

5. Spirit Leaves Body

This is some security footage taken in an unknown hospital. It appears to show the moment a spirit lifts up from a body.

Reports claim that this is the exact moment the person lying in the bed passed away. As you can see some kind of vapour seems lift up from the body and drift down the hallway.

It’s hard to make further comment on this video as there is next to no information available. The location is unknown and no medical or security staff have come forward to verify the footage.

While the origins of the footage are unclear, it’s hard to deny the startling nature of the clip. Could this actually be the moment a soul leaves the human body?

4. Hospital Ghost Moves Trolley

This is some CCTV footage captured in a hospital in West Bengal in early March 2017.

Allegedly this security camera overlooks the outside area of the morgue. Hundreds of dead bodies pass in and out of this facility every day.

In the footage we see a trolley bed begin to move all on its own. It slides back and forth in an erratic motion. Finally it falls off the pavement into the garden.

The clip cuts to a second security camera. Here we see an employee filling a bottle up at a water tap. As he approaches the trolley bed it suddenly shifts backwards, as if moved by some unseen force. The employee is clearly startled and heads in the opposite direction.

When uploaded to Youtube, this piece of footage caused quite a stir among the paranormal community. Many enthusiasts were quick to analyse the footage hoping to debunk or explain the footage in some way. Theories sprung up suggesting it’s nothing more than string tied to the bed designed as a prank to scare co-workers. Others think the movements are too erratic for string and are simply dumbfounded by the clip, struggling to give it a rational explanation.

3. Ghost Attack Caught on Camera

When this clip went viral in 2016 it caused quite a stir across social media and forums.

This security camera captures a hooded man walking down a hallway. What happens next is the stuff of nightmares.

It would appear some kind of spirit or demon appears out of nowhere and pushes the man to the ground then drags him down the hallway. The entity then vanishes as the man runs for his life.

Many commentators and paranormal enthusiasts have analysed this footage with little to no solid conclusions. Some say the shadows don’t react naturally raising suspicion of a fake. While others are true believers, saying that this is a real poltergeist attack caught on camera.

The man in the footage has never come forward, however, so it’s hard to make further comment without his testimony.

2. Club FM Ghost

While on air, Albanian radio show Club FM captured something truly startling during an interview.

As the two hosts go about their work a newspaper inexplicably flies off the table.

There’s little to no explanation for this event and it has left the hosts dumbfounded. The footage keeps rolling and as you can see everyone is stunned by the bizarre occurrence.

It doesn’t look like string is attached to the paper in any way and it doesn’t look like a burst of air either. The host even picks up the papers soon after to take a look as he seems more startled than anyone.

If anyone can translate what they’re saying in the clip please let us know as we’d love to understand their reaction a little more.

1. Wentworth Woodhouse Ghost

When this paranormal investigation team searched a heritage listed English mansion they couldn’t have known the startling footage they would capture.

Wentworth Woodhouse is a palatial estate located in Wentworth, South Yorkshire. It is considered the largest privately owned residence in the United Kingdom. Initially built in the 18th century as a centre for political influence, the enormous Jacobean house fell into disrepair in the latter part of the 20th century. Since then it’s been a reported hotbed for paranormal activity.

In this clip we see the paranormal investigation team from the reality TV show Most Haunted searching a stable area of the Wentworth property. After hearing what sounded like footsteps they ask for the spirits to show themselves. In the distance you can see what looks like a transparent man walking up the stairs in the opposite direction. The two hosts react and chase the figure down the dark corridor. They quickly look in all the surrounding rooms but find nothing.

When the episode aired, host Yvette Fielding described the footage as ‘the most ground-breaking footage we have ever recorded’.

The Most Haunted crew have been making episodes and chasing ghosts for over 15 years and this is the most compelling footage they’ve ever captured.

The audience were divided as to what exactly the show had captured on film. Skeptics noted that the ghostly figure looks remarkably like co-host Stuart:

Also for me, the two men’s reaction seems little disingenuous – especially if it’s the first solid bit of evidence they’ve captured in 15 years!

Others however, were flawed by the footage, hailing it as a turning point in paranormal investigation.

What do you think the Most Haunted team have captured? Is it just a transparent video overlay or is it genuine evidence of an afterlife? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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