10 Cursed Dolls With Very Creepy Backstories

These Haunted Dolls Have Stories That Will Scare You Stiff!

5. The Ubin Island Barbie Doll

Pulau Ubin Barbie Doll - 10 Cursed Dolls With Very Creepy Backstories

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In 1914, the British Army suspected that a German couple living in Singapore were actually spies. They detained the pair but their daughter managed to escape only to fall off a cliff and die a short time later.

The locals erected a shrine on Pulau Ubin (Ubin Island) in memory of the little girl that contained a lock of her hair as well as her crucifix.

Over the years, many visitors came to pay their respects to the girl.

In 2007, a local man had a reoccurring dream about a young girl who would lead him into a toy store to buy a Barbie Doll for her. Believing that the spirit of the German girl was trying to contact him, the man went to the store and bought the exact doll he had seen in his dreams.

In an effort to appease the young girl’s restless spirit, he took the doll to the memorial and placed it in the center of the shrine.

The doll is still there to this day and people now come from all over the world to visit the shrine and pay their respects to the little girl who they hope will bring them good luck.

4. Haunted Doll Scares Girl

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In January, 2017, this unsettling footage of a ‘possessed’ doll surfaced online. In the clip, a young girl can be seen sitting on the floor playing with one of her dolls. In the corner, another doll’s head begins to move all by itself.

The camera was reported to have been set up by the girl’s father after she complained that something was bothering her.

In another clip, the young girl can be seen drawing when suddenly papers mysteriously blow across the table. As the girl runs from shot, several objects are thrown around the room. The clip ends just as the table begins to slide across the floor.

Is this real footage of a cursed doll haunting the little girl? Or is it all just a creepy hoax? Let us know what you think is going on in the comments section below!

3. Cursed Doll Appears on Roadside

In June, 2014, this creepy blindfolded doll appeared on the side of a busy road in Singapore. The blindfold was covered in Arabic writing that translates to “bismillah,” or “in the name of Allah.”

Shortly after the doll’s discovery, a mysterious story appeared on Reddit. It claimed that the doll was known to be possessed and had the ability to move on its own and even speak in a woman’s voice. The post goes on to say that the original owner was so scared of the doll that she had to get rid of it. The only way she could be sure that it wouldn’t follow her home was to blindfold its eyes and write the Arabic phrase to keep the evil curse trapped within.

Shortly after the doll was seen by the side of the road it mysteriously vanished. It was said that the curse was passed onto someone else who had found the doll and unknowingly removed its bindings.

The doll’s current whereabouts are unknown, however it is believed that the doll will return to the roadside once it has finished with it’s current victim.

2. Annabelle The Doll

Annabell the doll - 10 Cursed Dolls With Very Creepy Backstories

In 1970, a student nurse named Donna received a Raggedy Anne doll as a gift from her mother for her 28th birthday. Shortly after receiving the doll, both she and her room mate Angie began noticing strange things happen.

The doll seemed to move around all by itself. The pair would often find the doll in a different room to where it was before they left the house. On several occasions Donna left the doll on the couch before she went to work, returning to find it sitting on her bed in her room with the door closed.

About a month after Donna first received the doll, the two women began to find disturbing messages written on parchment paper lying around the apartment. The messages, which looked as though they were written by a small child read ‘Help Us’ and ‘Help Lou.’ Lou was a friend of the girls who had bad feelings about the doll from day one.

One night Donna came home to find the doll sitting on her bed. Feeling very uneasy, she inspected the doll and found that it looked as though it had drops of blood on its hands.

The women decided to seek the advice of a medium who told them that the doll was actually possessed by the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle Higgins. The medium claimed that Annabelle lived on the property before the apartment block was built and had suffered some sort of accident that lead to her death. The medium told the women that Annabelle felt safe living with them and asked if she could stay. They agreed and took the doll home again.

Not long after returning home, even stranger things began to occur. One night when their friend Lou was staying over, he had a very vivid nightmare. When he awoke, he realized that he could not move. Next, he claimed that the doll appeared at his feet and made its way up his leg, finally resting on his chest. The doll then strangled him until he passed out. He awoke the next day, convinced that what had happened was not a dream.

Later that day, Lou and Donna heard sounds coming from her room. Lou went to investigate but found nothing except the doll in a heap in the corner. As Lou turned to leave the room he claimed the doll lunged at him and scratched his chest. The scratches appeared like claw marks and were hot like burns.

Completely terrified, Donna contacted a priest who alerted paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warren’s took an immediate interest in the case and agreed to meet Donna.

After investigating the matter, the Warren’s determined that the spirit attached to the doll was not that of a little girl at all but was actually a very dangerous demon. They believed the spirit had tricked the women into letting it stay in their house when it communicated with them through the medium.

The Warren’s took the doll away and it is now on display at their Occult museum. It is housed within a glass case that reads Warning! Positively Do Not Open! To this day, the doll is still said to possess eerie powers. It was reported that a young man who mocked the doll while on a tour of the museum died shortly after his visit. He lost control of his motorcycle and drove head on into a tree.

1. Joliet The Doll

Joliet the doll - 10 Cursed Dolls With Very Creepy Backstories

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Joliet the doll has been passed down through four generations of the same family. Its current owner, a woman named Anna, said that the doll was originally gifted to her great grandmother by a jealous and bitter friend. The friend was believed to have placed an evil curse on the doll that saw her great grandmother give birth to two children – a girl and a boy. Three days after the birth, the son mysteriously passed away.

Since then, all the women of the family have suffered the same fate. All have given birth to a girl and a boy and each time the boy had died 3 days later.

The family says that at night they can hear the laughter and crying of many young infants coming from the doll. They believe that the doll acts as a vessel for the spirits of the boys that all mysteriously passed away just three days after their birth.