10 Creepy Clown Sightings Caught on Video

These Are Some Seriously Scary Clowns!

5. Clown Digging a Hole

When these guys in Missouri noticed a strange clown digging a hole just behind their back fence they went out to investigate. The clown keeps digging, unaware he is being filmed until one of the guys yells out.

Startled, the clown drops his shovel and begins running towards them. They manage to make it back inside the safety of their house.

What was the clown doing? Was he looking for something? Or could he have been burying evidence of a terrible crime? What do you think was going on in this video?

4. Clown Chases Car

Creepy clown filmed running at a car.

When a group of friends heard that there was a creepy clown lurking around the backroads of a nearby town, they decided to go for a drive to investigate.

At one point, they think they see something strange and turn the car around for another look.

As they slow down for a better look a clown jumps out from behind a tree and begins chasing the car down the road. The footage ends as the clown is about to climb onto the front of the car.

I’m fairly certain that this group of friends will never go searching for clowns at night time again!

3. Clown in the Cornfield

This eerie video was captured by two men diving along a quiet dirt road in Omaha, Nebraska. When they notice a clown slowly walking towards them, they decide to back their car up. The clown then disappears into the nearby cornfields. The men can be heard arguing whether or not to continue reversing or to just try and drive straight ahead.

One of them yells ‘Step on it!’ and they quickly drive forwards. As they pass the cornfield the clown makes a dash for the car and then chases them down the road.

2. Clown With a Horn

Clown filmed chasing a group of children with a horn.

A group of friends captured this unnerving footage in a park in Dallas, Texas when they noticed a person in a clown mask walking aimlessly around the grounds.

As they get closer, the clown turns and runs at the group while squeezing a horn. They manage to make a lucky escape when the clown loses his mask and wig, forcing him to give up the chase.

1. Clown out Fishing

This video was taken in Bridgeport, West Virginia by a man who was doing a spot of night fishing in a local river. He begins filming with his phone when he hears some strange noises in the distance. He shines his flashlight on a figure coming towards him dressed in a black cloak and clown mask.

The man stops recording and runs back to his car. When he is safely inside, he switches his phone back on. The clown has followed the man all the way back to his car and is just standing on the other side of the fence, staring with an empty gaze.

What on Earth was the clown doing in the woods in the middle of the night? This video makes me never want to leave my house at night time ever again!


Well, that was 10 creepy clown sightings caught on video. Anyone up for the circus!?