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10 Creepiest Things Ever Found In People’s Basements

These Basement Discoveries Are Downright Terrifying!

5. A Mysterious Roommate

A group of Ohio State college students discovered a mysterious man named Jeremy living in their basement.

Daily News

In 2013, a group of Ohio State college students began hearing strange noises coming from the basement of their off-campus house. In addition, the power kept going out on the 3rd floor and someone had to venture into the basement to flip the circuit breaker. The residents also began noticing strange things around the house. Drawers were left open and lights were mysteriously turned on. On one occasion, one of the students saw a mysterious man in the basement. He said his name was Jeremy and left the house before he could be questioned further.

Thinking that the house was haunted, the students ventured into the basement to investigate. There was a mysterious door that was always locked that none of the residents had a key to open.

After hearing more noises coming from the basement, the students decided to call their landlord as well as the police. Together, they pried open the door. Inside they discovered a room with a bed, photos and a T.V.

That’s when the students realised that the man named Jeremy that they had seen previously, had been living in their house without them knowing.

Once his room was discovered the mysterious man packed his belongings and left.

4. Skeletons in Ben Franklin’s House

Human remains discovered in the basement of Benjamin Franklin's London house.


In 1998, conservationists performing repairs on US founding father Benjamin Franklin’s London house made a rather gruesome discovery. In the basement of the house, located at 36 Craven St, they uncovered the remains of more than 15 bodies, 6 of whom were children buried in a secret, windowless room.

It is thought that Franklin was not hiding the evidence of a horrific crime but may have been covering for a friend. William Hewson, Franklin’s protege was running an anatomy school at the time and was probably using the residence to dispose of the remains.

In the 18th century, human dissection for the purposes of anatomy was still ethically frowned upon and so students had to acquire specimens illegally. This included paying graverobbers to dig up the remains of the newly deceased.

3. Snakes

A couple discovered a snake's nest under their house in Rexburg, Idaho.

In 2009, Ben and Amber Sessions purchased a home in Rexburg, Idaho. Soon after moving in, they began finding a large number snakes in the backyard. It wasn’t long before the couple, who already had 2 children and a third on the way, began hearing strange noises in the walls and under the floor. They also noticed a funny taste in the water that Ben described as ‘onion like’.

Ben decided to investigate the sounds by removing a panel of siding. To his horror dozens of snakes came pouring out!

The couple sought the advice of a snake expert who informed them that the ‘onion like’ taste in the water was probably a result of the musk that the snakes release when they are frightened.

One day while watching T.V. Amber saw a story about the previous owners of her house and how they had fled due to the horrible snake infestation. The real estate agent had re-sold the house to the Sessions’ despite knowing the awful truth.

Discovering that it would cost more than $100,000 to have the nest removed and a concrete slab laid under the house, the Sessions had no choice but to file for bankruptcy and move out.

2. Weapons Cache

A Panzer tank discovered in the basement of a villa in Heikendorf, Germany.

U.S. News

In 2015, police raided a home in Heikendorf, Germany after they suspected that the villa’s 78 year old owner was in possession of illegal weaponry. Stashed away in the basement of the villa was a cache of weapons that included a torpedo, anti-aircraft gun and a 1943 Panzer tank. Prosecutors received a tip off by authorities in Berlin who had previously searched the villa for stolen Nazi artifacts.

While it took the manpower of 20 soldiers to remove the tank from the villa, the discovery came as no surprise to the local mayor, Alexander Orth who told a newspaper that the owner “was chugging around in that thing during the snow catastrophe in 1978”.

1. The Previous Owner

The mummified remains of an old lady discovered in a house in Roses, Spain.

In 2007, a man named Jorge Giro purchased a house in the town of Roses, Spain. A local bank had repossessed the house from its previous owner and put it up for auction after they had failed to make their mortgage repayments.

When Giro entered the house he was shocked to discover that the previous owner was still there. She had passed away some years ago and the salty, seaside air had preserved her mummified corpse.

Bizarrely, in the 6 years that the previous owner’s mortgage was outstanding, the bank had never sent anyone to the house to investigate. Equally as baffling was the fact that the real estate agent hadn’t bothered to check the condition of the house prior to the auction.


Well that was the 10 creepiest things ever found in People’s Basements. Have you found anything creepy in your house? Let us know!

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