10 Creepiest Things Ever Found In People’s Basements

These Basement Discoveries Are Downright Terrifying!

From an ancient burial ground to the mummified remains of the previous owner, we take a look at the 10 creepiest things ever found in people’s basements, that might make you want to find cheap conveyancing quotes so you can push through the sale of your house quick! These things mainly get found when people want to remodel their basement, as you can see from this lower level, things can easily get hidden (but obviously they’ll get found at some point).

10. An Ancient Burial Ground

Helen Weisensel of Jefferson County, Wisconsin discovered an ancient burial ground under her house.


When Helen Weisensel of Jefferson County, Wisconsin began digging in her basement whilst renovating her house she made a gruesome discovery. Weisensel had uncovered the skull of a child along with a wide assortment of other human remains. She notified the local authorities who discovered that her house was actually built on top of a long forgotten burial ground.

Experts estimated that the cemetery could have been up to 170 years old and may have contained the remains of hundreds of people. Weisensel had to cease all work on her renovations until she could get approval from the State Historical Society.

After 15 months the state finally gave her permission to continue the renovations and seemed content to continue living on top of the now disturbed gravesite.

9. 200 Pound Alligator

A repairman found a 200 pound alligator in the basement of a house in Lansing, Illinois.

In 2016, a repairman called out to a suburban home in Lansing, Illinois got a nasty shock when he ventured into the basement. After spotting movement coming from a large container, the repairman lifted the cover to discover a 6 foot long, 200 pound live alligator staring back at him. He immediately called the authorities who questioned the animal’s owner, Charles Price.

Price claimed that he had kept the alligator as a pet for more than 26 years and that he occasionally took it outside to roam around his backyard.

Price reportedly obtained the alligator from a swap meet when it was just a few centimetres long. He was charged with unlawful possession of an endangered species and the alligator was removed by the authorities. His neighbors had no idea that he was keeping the animal in the basement of his house.

8. Creepy Dolls

Creepy dolls discovered in the basement of Hanny's restaurant and bar.


From the outside Hanny’s located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona appears to be a normal restaurant and bar. When a reddit user found their way into the basement however, they posted this creepy photo of what they saw. Like a scene straight out of a horror movie, creepy dolls have been arranged along a large table, just like the famous painting The Last Supper, by Leonardo Da Vinci.

The building used to be an old department store but no one knows who set the dolls up or the reason for such an eerie scene. It looks as though someone has thrown coins onto the table, perhaps as an offering to appease the unsettling dolls.

7. 100-Year-Old Ouija Board

A construction worker discovered a 100 year old Ouija Board in the walls of an old house.

Unexplained Mysteries

In 2016, a construction worker discovered a 100 year old Ouija board buried within the walls of a house he was working on. He noticed that it had been placed upside down leading some to speculate the person who hid it may have done so to protect themselves. Had they contacted something sinister from the other side and hid the board in an attempt to break contact?

The construction worker posted a photo of the board on Reddit where he was warned by readers to leave the Ouija board where he found it!

6. Mummified Remains

Two women discovered two mummified infants along with several pieces of Peter Pan memorabilia in a basement in Los Angeles.

Harper Collins

In 2010, two woman made an awful discovery while cleaning a basement in a Los Angeles apartment building. Inside a trunk, wrapped in newspaper from the 1930’s were 2 mummified infants along with several pieces of Peter Pan memorabilia including the book Peter Pan, written by J.M. Barrie and a membership card to the Peter Pan Woodland Club.

In a weird coincidence, the owner of the trunk was a nurse by the name of Janet M. Barrie, the same initials, J. M. Barrie as the famous writer. DNA tests proved that the infants were Barrie’s children but why they were stored away in the basement of an LA apartment remains a mystery. The truth may never be known as Barry passed away in 1994.

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