10 Creepiest Things Discovered Underground

There Are Some Seriously Scary Things Lurking Under Our Feet!

5. Giant Alligator

In 2016, Florida resident Louis Camacho went to check the mail when he suddenly felt a strong vibration coming from beneath his feet. Thinking it was an earthquake, he stepped down to street level and heard a loud hissing sound coming from the drain.

Grabbing his camera, Camacho peered inside and was horrified to see an 8 foot alligator starring back at him. You can hear the beast hiss once again warning Camacho to back away.

I would not want to be the owner of that green ball floating next to the gator’s mouth. Hopefully no one sticks their hand down the drain to retrieve it!

4. Sinister Clown in Sewer

Clown in the sewer seen on Google Street View - 10 Creepiest Things Discovered Underground

This creepy photo was captured on Google Street View. At first glance there doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary. That is until you notice the sinister looking clown peering out of the sewer.

While it’s possible that this photo could just be a prank it would be extremely difficult to pull off. The clown would need to be waiting in the sewer for the Google Street View car to come by, hoping that the camera is perfectly positioned.

Clowns in general are creepy enough but put them in a sewer and it’s a whole new level of terror! What do you think? Prank or Pennywise?

3. Underground Encounter With a Monster

In 2011, YouTuber, Shimmyjimhog claimed to have been hearing strange noises coming from the sewer near his home so he decided to grab a camera and investigate.

He makes his way into the sewer when he suddenly hears a screeching sound coming from further inside. As he heads deeper, he is confronted by some sort of bizarre creature. It looks thin and gaunt and the light reflects off its eyes making look as though they are glowing.

It lets out another shriek. The boy is noticeably startled as he repeats “I won’t hurt you!” over and over.

Suddenly the monster lets out another cry. This one more intense than the last. The boy runs for his life as the creature gives chase.

The poster claimed that he ran home as fast as he could and barely managed to escape the beast.

What do you think the creature in this video could be? Let us know in the comments section below.

2. Extraterrestrial Sphere


On March 26th, 1974, 21 year old Terry Matthew Betz was examining the damage of a bush fire at his home in Fort George Island, Florida when he discovered a strange metallic sphere buried in the ground. The sphere, which had a diameter of around 8 inches and weighed about 22 pounds did not look as though it had been affected in any way by the fire.

Thinking that it was possibly a piece from a fallen satellite, Betz decided to take the mysterious metal ball home.

A few weeks later, he was playing his guitar when the sphere began to vibrate. The sound was said to have disturbed the family dog, who would run and hide any time it began to hum.

The Betz family also discovered that if they pushed the ball, it would roll as though it had a mind of its own, often returning to its original position. They also claimed that when the ball was placed on a table it would roll right to the edge, stop, and then roll to the other side, almost as though it was trying to find a way back down to the ground safely.

The Betz family took their discovery to a photojournalist named Lon Enger who described how the ball moved in the St Petersburg Times. He said, “It turned by itself and rolled to the right about four feet. It stopped. Then it turned again and rolled to the left about eight feet, made a big arc and came back right to my feet.”

It was even examined by the US military who found that the sphere was made from a very high grade steel and that there were two round objects inside the sphere surrounded by a “halo” made of a material with an unusual density.

There were many theories as to what the strange sphere actually was. Some thought it could have been an alien probe or satellite while others thought it could be some sort of doomsday device, designed to bring about the end of the world.

Dr. James Albert Harder, a professor of civil and hydraulic engineering at the University of California examined the sphere and reported his findings at the International UFO Congress in Chicago on June 24th, 1977. He concluded that the two internal spheres must be made of elements far heavier than anything known to science. He went on to say that “If one were to drill into the sphere, perhaps the masses would go critical’ and explode like an atomic bomb.” Harder then warned those in attendance that there was also the possibility that the sphere was still under surveillance by its alien makers and that no one else should attempt to investigate the device.

Soon after Dr Harder’s examination of the sphere, its mysteriously disappeared from the public eye. To this day it is not known whether the Betz family still have it in their possession or if, like many other alleged pieces of extraterrestrial technology, it was confiscated by some secret organization.

1. Sewer Creature Spotted on Camera

When this video first appeared in 2011, it immediately caused a stir. It was reported that the footage was captured during a routine sewer inspection by a UK water company.

What they caught on tape is the stuff of nightmares.

As the camera moves forward, some sort of creature can be seen peering around the corner. The glare of the camera light reflects off the beast’s eyes making them appear to glow in the dark. The camera edges forwards again as the creature disappears behind the wall. A few seconds later, it reappears. Almost as though it is curiously inspecting the camera. The camera rolls forwards once again and the creature darts behind the wall.

What has this water company captured lurking in the suburban sewers of the UK? Could it actually be some sort of sewer monster? Let us know what you think it is in the comments section below.