10 Crazy Moments Caught on CCTV

These clips are intense!

5. Caught With Your Pants Down

In April 2011, CCTV caught this hilarious footage of a thieve’s failed getaway.

Taken at the E-Z Foods store in Lake Wales, Florida, the footage shows a thief trying his best to steal two cases of beer. As he runs towards the getaway car, his pants fall down, foiling the heist. He trips up falling face first into the pavement. The cans of beer scatter everywhere, spraying their contents on the ground.

Shortly after, the clerk of the store comes running out but the thieves speed away without their loot.

It’s not known whether they were later arrested.

4. Chinese Man Catches Falling Baby

A CCTV camera in China has filmed the terrifying moment a baby fell from a two story apartment.

In the video we see two men, in Zhongshan City in China’s Guangdong Province, looking up horrified as a one year old baby sits precariously on a ledge two stories high.

Pouring rain saturates the onlookers as they brace for the worst. Several witnesses even place cardboard and other objects on the ground to soften the impact of the falling child.

A look of panic sets in on the men’s faces as the baby slips off the edge of the window. They position themselves with outstretched hands hoping to catch the plummeting infant. Suddenly from off camera we see the child fall safely into one of the men’s hands.

It’s thought that the baby crawled out onto the window sill looking for its mother.

Mr Li, the man who caught the child, said ‘I didn’t think too much at the time. I was just afraid of failing to catch him…It was nothing but instinct’.

At the end of the footage we see the infant given to a young woman, thought to be the mother of the child. She runs off cradling the baby.

3. Man Steals CCTV

This camera thief is a crazy moment caught on CCTV
WA Today

This would have to be one of the stupidest crimes ever committed.

In January 2017, a man in Mandurah, Western Australia, was caught stealing a CCTV camera while it filmed him committing the theft.

Unfortunately, the footage hasn’t been released to the public but police did reveal this photo. Allegedly, the man walks straight up to the camera, shows his entire face along with a very distinctive tattoo on his bicep, then proceeds to steal the CCTV camera while it films every minute of it.

It’s not known what happened after the incident. One would think a rather hasty arrest was made.

2. Stray Dogs Rip Apart Car

A security camera in Turkey’s Marmara province of Sakarya has captured the startling moment a pack of stray dogs rip apart a car.

In the footage, taken around mid-2016, we see up to nine dogs take an interest in a white hatchback in a suburban street. It’s thought that they were looking for a cat that had taken refuge inside the engine bay of the car.

At first they surround the vehicle, clearly alerted to something hidden inside. One dog begins to pull at the front bumper tearing half of it off. Another dog sticks its head under the bonnet looking for their prey. Then finally they manage to tear the entire bumper off the car.

The following morning, owner Cem Acar, was shocked to discover his vehicle pulled apart. He notified police thinking his car had been vandalised by a local gang. However when the authorities reviewed the CCTV footage, they were shocked to see the pack of stray dogs viciously dismantling the car.

1. Man Falls in Trap Door

In 2012, this bar worker got the fright of his life when he fell down an open trap door in the King William IV pub near London.

In the footage we see worker, Eoin, operating the sound on an open mic night. He casually walks behind the bar, distracted by his phone and a nearby TV before plummeting down the exposed hole. Staff and patrons rush to his aid but bizarrely one worker takes a look down the hole then just shuts the door and walks off.

According to the Daily Mail, the hole is actually an elevator shaft used to bring up fresh linen to the bar. It’s not known why the door was open a the time or why on earth you’d build such a death trap right where people regularly walk – I guess that’s why they call them ‘trap doors’?

Eoin fell 10 feet and hit the top of the elevator at the bottom of the shaft. Despite the dramatic fall, he only suffered a sprained ankle and local bruising.

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