11 Crazy Inventions That Nobody Ever Needed

These Strange Gadgets Solved Problems That No Body Ever Had

5. Cigarette Tracking Case

Cigarette Tracking Case.

The cigarette tracking case was an invention of the 1940’s that allowed the owner to keep track of how many cigarettes he or she had given away. The case had two buttons that would open it. One that the owner would press whenever they wanted a cigarette and a second button that they would press whenever someone ‘bummed’ a smoke from them. It would not only open the case but also operate a counter that kept track of how many cigarettes they had given away – Ingenious!

4. Wrist Maps

Wrist Maps.


Long before satnavs and smartphones, there was a device that could be worn on the wrist like a watch that allowed the wearer to navigate around using tiny, scrolling maps. The gadget came with several maps of popular destinations that could be loaded into the device and scrolled up or down as the motorist navigated his or her way around.

Unfortunately, the device never took off but those who did purchase it could easily find their way back to the store for a refund.

3. Doryu 2-16 Camera Gun

Doryu 2-16 Camera Gun.


Made from 1954 to 1956, the Doryu 2-16 was a camera that looked remarkably like an actual gun. Apparently a police issue device in Japan, it could be loaded with magnesium bullet cartridges that, when the trigger was pulled, would discharge out the top of the camera. The cartridges went off with a loud bang and acted as a flash for the device.

The idea was short lived for obvious reasons. Imagine trying to take a happy snap of the family in a crowded Times Square with this thing?

2. Massage Me Video Game Controller

Massage Me Video Game Controller.

Massage Me

Described as ‘a wearable massage interface that turns a video game player’s excess energy into a back massage for an innocent bystander’, the Massage Me video game controller is a foam jacket with soft, flexible buttons embedded on the back.

The jacket wearer simply sits in front of the T.V. or lies on the floor while the other person plays his or her favorite video game. Mashing the buttons and performing combos then apparently translates into a soothing massage for the jacket wearer.

While the Massage Me video game controller is not for sale, the website does have DIY instructions so that anyone can build one in the comfort of their own home. So next time your girlfriend says that you play too many video games, get her to put this thing on! You’ll be able to play as much Streetfighter II as you want AND spend quality time with the girlfriend at the same time!

1. Beauty and the Geek Keyboard Jeans

Beauty and the Geek Keyboard Jeans.

Cool Things

Ever had the urge to fiddle with yourself in public? Well now you can with the Beauty and the Geek keyboard jeans. These stylish jeans come with their very own keyboard built into the crotch complete with mouse that fits snugly into the back right pocket. The jeans are perfectly designed with the return key on the groin, while the alphabet is located on the left leg and the numeric pad on the right.

The jeans themselves look quite stylish but it’s the fact that you have a keyboard on your crotch that will probably make this fashion accessory a ‘must not have’ this season. They also come with built-in speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you’re getting beaten up. With a projected price tag of a very steep US $400 I would rather be kicked in the return key!

That was 10 crazy inventions that nobody ever needed. Can you think of any other strange gadgets that solved problems that nobody ever had? Let us know!