10 Chilling Ghost Photos You Have To See!

These photos will creep you out!

5. Christmas Visitor

Chilling ghost photos

This chilling image of an early 20th century family sitting by a Christmas tree seems to have no solid origin. It’s clear that some sort of apparition is floating in the top right hand corner but is it just a case of some clever photoshopping? If anyone has any information on this photo please let us know in the comments section below.

4. Point Pinos Lighthouse Ghost

Chilling ghost photos

Point Pinos Lighthouse, built in 1855, is the oldest continuously running lighthouse on the West Coast of the United States. It is said to be haunted by the spirit of the first lighthouse keeper, Charles Layton who was murdered by notorious outlaw Anastacio Garcia. Employees often report objects going missing or moving about on their own, doors banging and strange noises.

In 2012 Reddit user ruffthesuspect posted this photo taken in one of the museum rooms in Point Pinos Lighthouse. He said that a friend took the photo, certain that no one else was in the room. In the center of the reflection is the photographer wearing white shoes, while to the left is a striking image of a man wearing a cap. The figure is strangely vivid while the person taking the photo is less visible. Could this be the spirit of murdered lighthouse keeper Charles Layton?

3. Begotten

Chilling Ghost photos

This photo often pops up in ghost forums with very little information attached. Some say the photo itself is haunted and can cause people to pass out or even die just from viewing it. The visceral image is certainly unsettling but after doing some research we discovered it’s from a 1990 film titled Begotten. Directed by E. Elias Merhige, this experimental horror film depicts the story of Genesis.

Now, even though this is a work of fiction we’ve added it to the list because calling this film creepy is an absolute understatement. If you’re curious, here’s a link to the full movie here.

2. Faceless Girl

Chilling ghost photos

This photo was taken in 1943 in Kaposfüred, Hungary by a husband taking a still of his wife. In the background is a girl in a dress with no arms and no discernible face. Creepier still, there is a disembodied leg jutting out from behind the man’s wife. What is going on in this image? The more I look at the girl in the white dress the creepier this image gets, she’s clearly facing the camera but has no arms or face.

1. Crematorium Ghost

Chilling ghost photos

This chilling ghost photo began circling the internet in 2014. When this lady took a selfie with her daughter she swears they were the only two people in the room. But when she later reviewed the photo she was stunned at the eerie figure in the background. It appears to be a young girl floating, looking lifelessly at the camera. If you look closely, the right side of her face looks bloated. The photo scared the lady so much that she hired a paranormal investigator and looked into the history of the house. She discovered that the house had once been a fully-functioning crematorium and would have housed hundreds of dead bodies.

So there’s our top 10 list of chilling ghost photos. Did any of these creepy images make your skin crawl? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.