10 Allegedly Cursed Objects That Could Kill You

Stay away from these cursed objects

5. Haunted E-bay Painting

This painting is a cursed object.

Another tale of a cursed object surrounds this irksome painting of a female doll and a young boy standing in front of a window. In February 2000 an anonymous seller put up an ad on E-bay for an allegedly haunted painting. The ad boasted images supposedly caught on web cam of the painting changing form at night. The owners claimed the female doll would hold a gun to the little boy in the painting and force him to leave the picture. Within hours of the E-bay ad going live, the story quickly spread through the Internet. Unsettling reports started coming in from those who had viewed the painting in the E-bay ad. This included people falling violently ill or fainting. Children were said to be screaming at the picture, some even claim an unseen entity would take hold of them. The painting sold for $1050 USD to an anonymous buyer.

4. The Iceman

Otzi the Iceman is a cursed object.

Also known Otzi, the Iceman was discovered in September 1991 in Italy. The Iceman is a mummy of a man thought to have lived around 3300 BCE.

A glacier surrounded the corpse and preserved the body. However, after it was found, rumours of a curse followed those linked to popsicled remains. Seven deaths have been tied to Iceman’s discovery. Rainer Henn, the forensic pathologist who studied the find, died in a car accident just before giving a speech about the mummified remains while Helmut Simon the man who discovered Iceman fell 100 metres to his death while hiking in the Austrian Alps.

3. Robert the doll

Robert The Doll is a cursed object.

In 1904 a boy named Robert Eugene Otto received a doll as a gift from his family maid. Otto named the doll Robert after himself and had an immediate attachment to it. At night Otto’s parents claimed that they could hear him whispering to the doll from his bedroom. Often a foreign voice was heard answering back to Otto but the parents assumed it was their son putting it on.
As the years went by Otto grew more fond of the doll as it had it’s own place at the dinner table and would sleep in his bed with him at night.
Otto began exhibiting disturbing behavior, often succumbing to fits of rage. He would blame the episodes on Robert the doll, saying he was the reason for upturned furniture and scattered silverware.
When Otto got married he placed the doll in the attic. School children would often say they saw the doll staring lifelessly out the window, often changing places through out the day. Then in the mid 70’s after Otto and his wife had passed away the new owners of the house claim they heard giggling coming from the attic and that the dolls expression would change from day to day.
Key West’s Fort East Martello Museum now own the doll which you can go visit for yourself. But beware of what you say in front of Robert the doll as he might just visit you while you’re sleeping.

2. The Crying Boy Painting

The Crying Boy Painting is a cursed object.

‘The Crying Boy’ is a widely re-produced painting by Italian artist Bruno Amadio. It depicts a small boy with distant grey eyes, weeping.
On September 4, 1985 the British tabloid newspaper The Sun ran an article about a firefighter from Yorkshire who was claiming that he had found the re-produced painting several times in burnt out buildings. Every time he found the artwork it was completely untouched by the fire yet everything around it was turned to ash. Over the next few months, many newspapers began running articles about people who owned the painting that suffered house fires.
By the end of Novermber 1985, the hysteria surrounding the painting became so prevalent that The Sun began organising mass burnings of the painting sent in by readers.

1. The Anguished Man Painting

The Anguished Man painting is a cursed object.

Looking at this painting immediately fills the viewer with a sense of dread. It depicts a man in extreme discomfort with haunting black eyes. It is said the artist mixed his own blood into the paint and shortly after completing the artwork committed suicide. The story of this painting begins with Sean Robinson, who inherited it from his deceased grandmother. She had kept it in the attic for 25 years fearing the portrait was evil. Robinson took the painting to his house where he and his wife began to experience unsettling noises. They claim to have heard a man crying in the shadows of their bedroom as well as one night awaking to a dark figure at the foot of their bed watching them sleep. This unsettling encounter made Robinson’s wife refuse to live in the same house as the painting.

So there you go, a whole countdown dedicated to the creepiest cursed objects on Earth. What do you think, did this top 10 list miss anything? Are there other creepy objects out there killing people? If so let us know on Twitter and Facebook.