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10 Photos That Should Not Exist

December 14, 2017

From a photo of the ghost of Jim Morrison to a mysterious picture of a sea monster we count 10 photos that should not exist. 10. Alien in the Bushes In 1999, a man from […]

This is one of many real, creepy photos that will give you chills

10 REAL Creepy Photos You Have to See!

November 29, 2017

A chilling collection of real, creepy photos you have to see! From an alleged shadow demon roaming the halls of a hospital to the spirit of an old lady caught standing in the window, we […]

10 Creepiest Paranormal Photos Ever Taken

August 15, 2017

From the mysterious ghost of a samurai to the real life inspiration for the film The Conjuring 2, we count the 10 creepiest paranormal photos ever taken. 10. Ghostly Figure in The Sunlight This photo, […]

This real photo with a creep backstory is of children wearing gas masks in World War 2

10 REAL Photos with Creepy Backstories

March 21, 2017

Real, rare historical photos. From children doing emergency drills for bombing raids to the staking of an alleged vampire’s heart, join us as we take a look at these 10 real photos with creepy backstories. […]

Real photos that will give you chills

10 REAL Photos That Will Give You Chills

January 31, 2017

From a creepy figure showing up during a ghost tour to the spirit of a missing person, join us as we take a cautious peep at 10 real photos that will give you chills.   […]

10 REAL Photos With Unsettling Backstories

January 11, 2017

From a photo of a lethal snake bite to a picture of an assassin pulling the trigger on his gun we take a look at 10 real photos with unsettling backstories.     10. Parachute […]