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Hotel Wakes Guests With ‘Lion King’ Song

Hakuna matata waking to Lion King tunes!

For hung over spring breakers, waking up to blaring music may not sound ideal but for the guests of the Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach it’s become something of a tradition to be woken to a rousing rendition of ‘The Circle of Life’ from the 1994 animated classic The Lion King.

Every day at 11 am the hotel’s PA system is used to blast out the Elton John composed and Academy Award nominated song. Crowds of spring break party goers flock to their balconies and sing along with the tune. The odd ritual has become a major draw card for the hotel. The Holiday Inn reportedly gets hundreds of calls from guests booking their holiday asking whether they still play the song. Philip Corvin, director of marketing at the Holiday Inn, said that he never dreamed that it would become so popular.

Watch hundreds of guests at the Panama City Beach Holiday Inn sing along to ‘The circle of Life’ from The Lion King:


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