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Funny and Unusual Laws You Won’t Believe

July 15, 2014

Laws keep us safe. They guide our moral judgment and keep outright anarchy at the door. Most laws make sense. Some, like the following are downright absurd. Who says putting ice cream in my pockets […]

Iconic Movie Villains That Scared You Silly

July 14, 2014

Movie Villains. There can’t be heroes without them! But what makes some more villainous than others? We take a look at seven of the best iconic movie villains that scared you silly and made movie […]

Crazy world records. Could you beat these?

July 10, 2014

Fame. Everybody craves it! Even if it does mean doing something so stupid that no one else will ever dare attempt it. These wacky folks have found a backdoor to immortality. Want your 15 minutes? See […]

Animals that have been Arrested

July 9, 2014

Black magic goat, international spy pigeon, immigrant primate – what do all these animals have in common? Well they’ve all been arrested. That’s right animals that have been arrested. So why don’t you shuffle to […]

Things that look like other things

July 9, 2014

Every now and then we all do a double take at the tea leaves in the bottom of our cup and think we can see Elvis flying a spaceship. Only to realize it’s just the […]

Silly Sandwiches of the World

July 7, 2014

Silly Sandwiches of the World When the Earl of Sandwich spontaneously invented this lunch time hit during the mid-eighteenth century he’d have scarcely known what a phenomenon it would become. From the world’s meatiest to […]

More Hot World Cup Fans that love football

July 5, 2014

No wonder they call football the beautiful game. It’s not just what happens on the pitch, it’s also what happens off it that makes this game so fantastic to watch. So set your eyeballs to […]

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