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8 Creepy Things Caught on Security Camera

These clips will give you chills!

From a ghost car caught on dash cam to a possible third nightcrawler sighting, join us as we take a look at 8 creepy things caught on security camera.



8. Ghost Lady Follows Man Into Taxi

This security camera footage began surfacing in August, 2016. It shows a man getting into a taxi, but what the camera captures will give you chills.

It’s clear some kind of figure appears out of nowhere and follows the man. It looks like it has long black hair and hunched shoulders. Eerily, it just disappears into the side of the cab.


7. Russian Dash Cam Catches Ghost Car

This Russian dash cam has captured some bizarre and troubling footage. As the car on screen makes a left hand turn through an intersection, something very strange happens.

If you replay the footage it’s clear that there is no car coming from the other way. It’s not until the first car suddenly brakes in the middle of the intersection when the second car just manifests out of thin air. Is this camera malfunction or actually a ghost car?


6. Ghost in Elevator

This CCTV footage shows two office workers getting into an elevator. They chat for a few seconds before exiting. What the camera captures is absolutely terrifying!

Out of nowhere an elderly figure appears from behind the man and slowly walks out. If you review the footage no one else enters the elevator and there’s no way someone could’ve been hiding behind the guy pressed up against the wall.


5. Eerie Smashed Door

When these guys knocked off work there’s no way they could have expected what was about to happen. As they enter the revolving door, the glass inexplicably folds in on itself. What is going on with this door? Is it simply a case of a jammed mechanism or is something more sinister at play?


4. Nightcrawler Sighting

There is very little information available about this clip other than it appears to be another Fresno nightcrawler sighting. Nightcrawlers are a type of cryptid that have been spotted in the Fresno area of California. Natives say that these type of creatures are alien to this world and landed on Earth hundreds of years ago. There have been two recorded sightings of these creatures – one in Fresno, the other in Yosemite National Park. This footage could be a third sighting.

Watch as the strange creature stalks the yard, pauses for a moment then walks straight across a swimming pool.


3. Alien Creature Caught by CCTV

The resident of this house kept noticing his sensor light coming on at strange hours during the night. He installed a security camera to see if he could see any strange activity. What the camera captures is unsettling to say the least. You can see an alien like creature just right of the fence. It has large black eyes and a pointy, gaunt face.


2. Ghost Child Caught On Film

Taken on July 16, 2012, this security camera catches a strange shadow child running around a mall.

Filmed outside a casino in an unknown part of Mexico, you can see a little figure run across the floor. No one seems to see or acknowledge it. Things get stranger when a security guard walks right past the figure without noticing. Whatever the thing is, it casts a shadow but doesn’t illuminate in the light the same way the passing security guard does.

Many people have said that it’s just a kid playing games but if you notice the time stamp in the upper right hand corner – it’s 1:30 AM. Wouldn’t the security guard intervene or ask questions if a small child was running around a mall that early in the morning?

Many employees of the casino say they’ve seen strange figures walking around the complex. They even say there’s other footage of a similar shadow child running around but until that footage is released we’ll never no what this thing is.


1. Hotel Apparition

This is some security footage taken in an unknown hotel. It shows a worker checking the rooms after hearing some strange noises. No one knows for certain what he finds in the room but what comes out will give your goosebumps.


Well there’s our list of creepy things caught on security camera. Did this listicle unnerve you? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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