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10 REAL Photos That Will Give You Chills

These photos will creep you out!

From a creepy figure showing up during a ghost tour to the spirit of a missing person, join us as we take a cautious peep at 10 real photos that will give you chills.



10. Newsham Hospital Ghost

Real photos that will give you chills

Captured in October 2016 at the Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool England, it appears participants of this ghost walking tour got exactly what they came for when this chilling group photo was taken. The group leader, responsible for taking participants around the famously haunted grade 2 listed heritage building, was stunned when they saw the photograph they had just taken. It clearly shows a pale figure that doesn’t match the skin tone of the rest of the group. The entity is small and frail looking with black eyes and a grey complexion.

When shown the photo, no one from the group could recall anyone or any thing that matched the details of the figure.

Could this ghost tour really have captured a spirit on film?

9. Mirror Demon

Real photos that will give you chills

When this woman took an innocent selfie in the mirror she couldn’t have known the chilling image that would develop.

Uploaded to Imgur in 2016 with the caption ‘Please tell me that is your shy daughter,’ this sinister photo whipped paranormal enthusiasts into a frenzy. Behind the woman’s left shoulder is a demonic face with glowing eyes and a slight grin. The two skin tones don’t match and the look in the eye of the second figure is really off putting.

The woman who took the photo has never come forward so it’s hard to verify the authenticity. It could be a very well timed photobomb, a Photoshop job or it could be something far more sinister.

8. Ghost Child

Real photos that will give you chills

This is not your average Snapchat workout pic. Take a look at the toy car in the mirror!

The woman who took this photo claims her baby was inside sleeping while she had a workout. When she sent the Snapchat to a friend they both got the shock of their lives when they looked at the toy car in the background. In the mirror’s reflection it appears a small child is playing in the car. Earlier that week, the woman said she heard her baby’s toy drum banging in the garage where the make-shift gym is set up. But again, it was while her child was sleeping.

Has this Snapchat captured the spirit of a young child? Or is there a simpler explanation. Let us know in the comments section below.

7. Cemetery Spirit

Real photos that will give you chills

While walking through a graveyard late at night this family were hoping to photograph something spooky. The family claims there was only three people present in this picture when it was taken: the two ladies, one in the red vest, the other in the pink sweater and the man in the white top. The grey walking figure is completely unaccounted for.

This is a classic potato camera ghost photo though. The quality is low so it’s possible it’s an effect from the flash or a photoshop job. Either way, at first glance this photo does give you the creeps.

6. Toowoomba Ghost Man

Real photos that will give you chills

In August, 2015 a man by the name of Brokc David submitted this picture to a ghost forum on Facebook. He said he had been hiking through rural bush land in a Toowoomba, Australia when he felt like he was being watched. He took some photos by a small marsh known for suicides. He claimed he felt an ominous feeling and a sense of dread fall over him. After walking a few more metres he decided to turn back.

Later that night when reviewing his photos he said he noticed something strange. In one of the pictures was a bearded figure dressed in red standing by a pile of branches. He was certain he’d been alone in the rural forest and would have noticed a nearby person, especially while taking photos.

In the days following the event David claims he had the same sense of dread while alone in his house. He felt like something was watching him.

5. Black Cloak Ghost

Real photos that will give you chills

This chilling image was taken in Norway on an old farm famous for being the former home of children’s book author Margrethe Munthe.

The image clearly shows the lower half of a person wearing a long black dress with boots. The figure looks partially elevated from the ground. There is a starkness usually lacking in ghost photos.

The professional photographer who took the photo claims that no one at the wedding was wearing black or anything even remotely similar. He said he’d never seen a glitch like it before.

Now take a look at this. Here’s a painting of Margrethe Munthe created before she died on January 20th, 1931. Her long black dress and pointed boots look awfully similar to the figure in the wedding photo. Has this photographer captured a glimpse of the spirit of Margrethe Munthe? Is she eternally wandering the grounds of her old farm? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Real photos that will give you chills

4. Ghost of Curtis Johnston

Real photos that will give you chills

In August 2013 Twitter user @CoreyCarlsonn posted this photo collage from his Instagram. It shows him posing in his living room with a spectral figure floating in the background. He compared the photo to an image he claims is of a woman named Curtis Johnston that used to live in the house but went missing in 2001.

It’s hard to verify this one as there is very little information on both Corey Carlson and Curtis Johnston. The only info on Curtis Johnston I managed to find was on a very old website called wellspringministries where it lists Johnston as deceased.

3. A Ghostly Visitor

Real photos that will give you chills

This creepy photo was taken in early 2016. Captured on an iPhone, it shows a mother and her kids packing their bags for a family vacation. In the right hand corner there’s what appears to be a ghostly man wearing a suit. He looks partly visible and has an eerie loftiness to him.

The woman said there certainly wasn’t a suited man standing next to her when this photo was taken. She was so disturbed by the photo that she had a photographer friend examine the image. The friend noted perhaps the ‘hands’ could be the floral rose pattern on the curtains behind and that double exposure may have occurred creating a shadowy effect. However, smart phones usually require an added app to create a double exposure effect.

What could this be? A glitch in the camera or something far more chilling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. Ghost in the Woods

Real photos that will give you chills

This photo was taken automatically by a hunting camera rigged to detect movement. It shows a human figure wearing a white top and a dress, looking back into the darkness of the woods. The hunter that owned the camera was dumbfounded by the picture. He claims all other photos taken that night have no sign of a person walking through the forest.

If anyone can explain this picture please leave a comment below.

1. Uninvited Wedding Guest

Real photos that will give you chills

This old, unassuming wedding photo, at first glance, doesn’t exactly give you chills. But if you look closely at the man on the far right, behind his leg, there is an uninvited wedding guest.

Real photos that will give you chills       

Taken in 1972 in Paisley, Scotland by a professional photographer, it appears there’s a small child peering out from behind the man in the foreground. The photographer said that the child appeared on the negative of the film too but couldn’t explain why. He claims that there was only four people in the hall at the time the photo was taken and there was no chance a child was hiding behind them. Even when the group was ushered on, there was no one else around. Consider too how close that child would have to be to hide behind the man. Surely he would have noticed a person behind him. But there, clear as day is a child staring at the camera.

So there’s our list of 10 real photos that will give you chills. Did this listicle of old photos make you feel uneasy? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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