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10 Photos You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped

These Amazing Photos Are All Real!

From thousands of Christmas Island crabs to an astronaut performing a totally untethered spacewalk we take a jaw dropping look at 10 photos you won’t believe weren’t photoshopped.


A plane landing at Maho beach - 10 photos you won't believe weren't photoshopped.


This incredible photo was taken at Maho Beach, Saint Martin which is situated right next to the Princess Juliana International Airport. This is one of the only places in the World where aircraft can be viewed in flight so close to the runway with planes coming within 100 feet of amazed onlookers. All the bars and restaurants along the shore have the airline timetables displayed right next to the cocktail menu so revellers won’t miss the chance for a close encounter while they are sipping on their Caribbean rum punch.


Christmas Island red crabs - 10 photos you won't believe weren't photoshopped.

Lazy Slack

This unbelievable image was snapped on Christmas Island during the annual migration of the red crab. Once a year the island’s red crab population leave their burrows in the forest and head down to the shoreline to mate and lay their eggs in the ocean. Once the eggs are laid, the crabs begin the long and dangerous haul back up the beach and into the shelter of the forest.


Burj Al Arab helipad tennis court - 10 photos you won't believe weren't photoshopped.


This ridiculous snap of Roger Federer and Andre Agassi playing tennis was taken atop the seven star Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai. The hotel’s helipad was converted into a makeshift tennis court to promote the Dubai Men’s Tennis Open. To bad if you suffer from vertigo!


Football player Mathieu Valbuena looks so small in this photo - 10 photos you won't believe weren't photoshopped.


This optical illusion was captured in 2013 during a friendly football match between Belgium and France. The seemingly extra small player is actually 5 foot 6 inch French forward, Mathieu Valbuena captured at just the right time giving the impression that he’s been cleverly Photoshopped into the pic.


A girl in a bikini at the beach with two macaws - 10 photos you won't believe weren't photoshopped.

The Scene

This photograph of a young lady on holiday in the tropics would be completely normal if it weren’t for the two photobombing macaws that seem to have flown in just as the camera button was pressed.


A photo of a 1920's beach inspector - 10 photos you won't believe weren't photoshopped.

Buzz Hand

This crazy photo taken in the 1920’s shows an inspector meticulously inspecting the female beach-goers to make sure they are not showing too much leg. Any more than six inches of skin above the knee and you were asked to leave! How times have changed!


U.S. Astronaut, Bruce McCandles II taking the first ever untethered spacewalk - 10 photos you won't believe weren't photoshopped.


This horrifying image of U.S. Astronaut, Bruce McCandles II was taken in 1984. McCandles II became the first astronaut to attempt an untethered spacewalk using the Manned Maneuvering Unit. The mission was a success and McCandles returned to Earth safe and sound aboard the spaceship Challenger on February 11, 1984.


Photo of a flying cat - 10 photos you won't believe weren't photoshopped.


Is it just me or does that cloud look exactly like a cat! No wait, that is a cat! This purr..fectly timed picture was snapped just at this puzzling puss decided to take a leap of faith from one tent to the next. I wonder if he stuck the landing?


Goats standing in a tree - 10 photos you won't believe weren't photoshopped.


This incredible photo of an Argania tree in Morocco, grows nuts so delectably tasty that even the goats of the region can’t resist climbing into the thorny limbs to eat their fill. After the goats gorge themselves on nuts they poop out the seeds for the farmers to gather up. The seeds are then pressed and turned into Argan oil. So next time you rub this rejuvenating elixir of youth on your face just remember where it actually comes from!


Bullfighter gored in the bum - 10 photos you won't believe weren't photoshopped.

International Business Times

This cringing photo taken at the Malagueta bullring in Malaga, Spain is enough to make any up and coming bullfighter think twice. Although the image seems to show the bitter bovine scoring a ‘bull’s eye’ Matador Pedro Muriel was not seriously injured as the horn only managed to gore the inside of his thigh. Looks like the bull finally got its revenge!


These 10 photos you won’t believe weren’t photoshopped are all real images from around the web. Can you think of any other photos we missed in this top 10 list? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

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