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10 Pets That Inherited Large Sums of Money

Fancy Pets Worth Millions!

5. Frankie, Ani and Pepe

Frankie, Ani and Pepe inherited millions of dollars off their owner.

These three pets of a San Diego man were left $15 million and a house when their owner died. The man left his neighbour an amount of money to care for the dog and two cats. The neighbour lives just next door and regularly goes into the animals’ house to feed and look after them. The house is now reported to be worth over $15 million.

4. Gigoo

Gigoo is the world's richest hen after she inherited a fortune from owner.
Gigoo is the world’s richest hen. Publisher Miles Blackwell and his wife Briony had retired to their farm to breed rare hens and pigs for only a few months when Briony died in 2011, and three weeks later Miles followed her. In his will, Miles left $50 million to charity but also left his beloved chicken Gigoo $15 million.

3. Blackie

Ben Rea left his cat Blackie millions of dollars after he died.

Blackie lived in a mansion with his owner Ben Rea and fifteen other cats. By the time Rea died, Blackie was the only cat left and so he inherited the $13 million left to the cats by Rea. Rea was an antiques dealer and was apparently very eccentric, and refused to leave any money to his family.

2. Toby Rimes

Ella Wendel left millions of dollars to her pet Toby Rimes

Toby is a poodle who didn’t actually inherit his money from his owner but rather is descended from another poodle, also called Toby Rimes. The original Toby Rimes was owned by Ella Wendel who, when she passed away in 1931, left Toby $20 million dollars. Today’s Toby is worth somewhere around $92 million.

1. Gunther IV

Gunther III was left $80 million dollars by his owner Karlotta Liebenstain, a German royal. When Gunther passed away he generously left his fortune to his son, Gunther IV. Gunther’s caretakers have been pretty savvy with their investments (Gunther now owns property in the Bahamas, Italy and also owns one of Madonna’s previous homes) and now he is supposedly the richest dog in the world, with a net worth of just under $400 million. He is chauffeured around in a limousine, has his own customised pools and lives on a diet of caviar and steak.

So there’s our list of pets that have inherited large sums of money. Did this listicle make you shake your head in disbelief? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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