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10 Near Death Moments Caught On Tape

Check Out These Close Calls!

From a plane that nearly lands on top of a sunbather to a photographer almost eaten by a crocodile we take a look at 10 near death moments caught on tape.

Woman Nearly Killed By Runaway Truck Tyre

This amazing footage from a security camera in southeast Asia  shows a woman working at a roadside shop. As a car arrives to place an order, watch what happens as the women takes the food to the car.

Building Demolition Goes Wrong

A group of curious onlookers are on hand to film a condemned building being destroyed. They think they are a safe distance away from the destruction but watch what happens next.

Skier Nearly Hits Woman

An onlooker captures the moment an unsuspecting woman tries to walk right across a competition ski slope.

Plane Nearly Lands On Man

This hair raising footage captured on a German beach shows a plane attempting to touch down. The pilot later admitted he may have misjudged the landing!

Woman Jumps Onto Moving Train

A security camera at a train station in New South Wales, Australia managed to catch this unbelievable footage. A woman jumps onto a moving train as her friend looks on in disbelief. The friend, not knowing if she made the jump safely or not has to wait nervously for the train to pass. The seemingly lifeless woman eventually begins to move and makes her way back onto the platform.

Trainspotter Nearly Run Over

This footage taken by a trainspotter shows a fellow enthusiast so focussed on the train his filming that he forgets to look the other way.

Photographer Nearly Eaten By Crocodile

This footage taken in Costa Rica shows a man photographing crocodiles from the shore as his friends bate the animals closer, throwing food into the water. The patient manhunters bide their time waiting for the right moment to strike.

Motorcyclist Lands On Car Roof

This extraordinary footage was captured from a dashboard camera. What happens next is simply unbelievable!

Pensioner Nearly Killed By Train

CCTV in the Czech Republic captures this extremely close call as a pensioner makes his way through a level crossing.

Planes Collide

This footage of a plane load of skydivers is truly amazing. As they prepare to jump the unthinkable happens. Somehow, the pilot manages to escape the flaming wreck and deploy his parachute. Unbelievably all 9 skydivers and the pilot make it to the ground safely. They wait nervously as the pilot of the first plane attempts to land his damaged aircraft. Astonishingly, all 11 manage to survive this horrendous mid air incident that could have easily ended in disaster.


Well how about that? Near death moments caught on tape. There were some close calls here. Can you think of any we missed?

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