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10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

Australia's Most Haunted Places Are Sure To Creep You Out

5. Seppeltsfield Winery – Barossa Valley

Seppeltsfield Winery - 10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage

The Seppeltsfield Winery in the Barossa Valley has become known as one of the most haunted places in South Australia.

A former owner of the winery reportedly went insane after spending long periods of time in his private retreat, hidden behind a trophy cellar.

Guests often report sensations of someone watching them. Others have said they’ve heard mysterious gunshots and screams from the vineyards. An old distillery tower has been heard in full production despite no connected electricity. There have been moans and whispers and even reports of blood seeping from the family mausoleum on the anniversary of family deaths.

4. Anglican Parish of Mulgoa – New South Wales

Anglican Parish of Mulgoa - 10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia


This small parish just west of Sydney is said to be haunted by the spirits of twin boys. After a prank with fire went horribly wrong the two boys were burnt alive. It’s said that their spirits become enraged whenever a fire is lit near the church.

Many visitors have said that their car’s headlights will inexplicably turn off when approaching the old church; some say their cars have stalled altogether leaving them in pitch black near the haunted parish.

3. Fremantle Arts Centre – Western Australia

Fremantle Arts Centre - 10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

We Love Perth

The Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia is said to be one of the most actively haunted places in the Southern Hemisphere.

Originally built as an insane asylum in 1861, this foreboding Gothic landmark has a rather sordid history. The building was built entirely by convicts. In its heyday the institution housed thousands of inmates, including an unusually high amount of women.

After numerous questionable deaths, the local government recommended it be shut down. During World War 2, it was converted into a base for U.S. forces.

In the late 1960’s the site was commissioned to become a museum for the local area.

Since then, numerous ghost hunters have investigated the site. They claim that there may be up to ten spirits that haunt the halls of this former asylum. Reports of whispers, objects moving, cold spots and specters are not uncommon for the Fremantle Arts Centre.

Anthony Grzelka, also known as ‘Australia’s Ghost Whisperer’ claims he saw a full-figure apparition while staying the night in one of the cells. It was a sinister force that seemed to him to be a former warden. He said the air grew cold and he felt very uneasy. It was later revealed that several security guards refused to enter that part of the centre after a couple said they were pushed down the stairs by an unseen force.

Another tale tells of a young girl who was accidently locked in one of the cells. She pleaded to be let out and screamed for help. As she did so, witnesses claim that every window in the area started vibrating violently as doors opened and closed over and over.

2. Blundell’s Cottage – Canberra

Blundell's Cottage - 10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

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Blundell’s Cottage in Canberra is so old that the city it’s located in, didn’t even exist when it was first built in 1858.

In 1892, former owner Flora Blundell, was wearing a white crinoline dress that caught fire from a hot iron. She tragically burnt to death. It is said that she is often seen in a nearby garden standing in the same white dress looking at the house. Frequent tour groups have reported that the house sometimes smells like burnt flesh.

1. Monte Cristo Homestead – Junee, New South Wales

Monte Cristo Homestead - 10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

Daily Mail Australia

Built in 1885, the Monte Cristo Homestead is considered one of the most haunted places in Australia. Located in Junee, New South Wales, about three hours west of Canberra, this old homestead has some chilling stories attached to it.

The current owner, Olive Ryan, who moved in 50 years ago, said she knew there was something strange about the place very early on. When Ms. Ryan and her late husband first drove to the property, the house was completely lit up despite no electricity connected to the home. Ms. Ryan has often felt disembodied hands, heard footsteps in an empty house and felt the presence of former owners.

Many mysterious deaths have occurred on the property.

Guests have reported strange lights late at night in the barn. It is said that a boy was burned alive in the horse stables, his screams still heard today.

Another incident took place in the 60s when a gardener was shot by a young boy who was obsessed with the film ‘Psycho’.

A housemaid, who dropped a baby down a staircase, claims it was pushed out of her arms by some unseen force. Another housemaid committed suicide while pregnant, jumping off the second floor balcony.

Visitors often feel like they’re being watched or have seen shadow figures out the corner of their eye.

There’s even tales of a former housekeeper that kept his mentally unstable son in the outhouse for over 30 years.

Tragedy lingers in the air at Monte Cristo Homestead. Murder and sadness imprinted on the property, perhaps forcing the souls of the dead to drift eternally through the halls of this old mansion.


The most haunted places in Australia are sure to give you the chills! Have you visited and of these creepy destinations? Let us know.

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