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10 Hardest Video Game Achievements | Hardcore Gamers Only

From playing Dead Rising for 14 hours straight to not getting hit once in Megaman 10, join us and our aching gaming thumbs as we take a look at the hardest video game achievements that are nearly impossible to unlock.



10. My Kung Fu Is Stronger – Mortal Kombat

Hardest video game achievements

2011’s fighter reboot Mortal Kombat contains one of the most time draining, thumb destroying video game achievements ever created. To unlock this achievement you have to do the following with all 27 characters:

  • 100 fatalities
  • 100 victories
  • 150 X-rays
  • 10,000 litres of blood spilled
  • 24 hours played per character

To pull this achievement off without codes or cheats, you’ll be playing for more than 672 hours! That’s just shy of one month of non-stop fatality inducing, ‘get over here’, whoopsie, bicycle kicking Mortal Kombat mayhem!

9. The Floor Is Lava – Overwatch


The Floor Is Lava achievement on Overwatch is a real nasty piece of work. To unlock it you have to get three killing blows as Lucio while wall riding without dying once during the match. The easiest way to do this is to go for environmental kills on a stage like Lijiang Tower. The Garden and Night Market maps both have pits that you can push your enemies into. If you manage to knock three opponents off at once, immediately wall slide and wait till the kill feed confirms the eliminations.

8. Shenanigans – Cloudberry Kingdom


This is a fairly straight forward achievement to unlock. All you have to do is complete chapter 7. The catch? Well chapter 7 includes level 319, also known as the ‘impossible level’. Take a look at the above footage for a taste of what you’ll be dealing with.

7. 7 Day Survivor – Dead Rising

Hardest video game achievements

To unlock this achievement in Dead Rising you have to first complete the game in Overtime Mode to be able to play in Infinity Mode. Once Infinity Mode is unlocked you can start the gaming headache that is the ‘7 Day Survivor’ achievement. To do this, you have to survive seven in-game days, which is the equivalent of 14 hours of gameplay. Oh and you can’t save your progress, so you have to complete this fiendish achievement in one sitting. Your reward? Bragging rights and a pair of love heart boxer shorts that will appear in the security room. SO. WORTH. IT.

6. Bladder of Steel – Rockband 2

Hardest video game achievements

Are you willing to dehydrate yourself and waste an entire school day’s worth of time to unlock this achievement? To add this bad boy to your trophy case you have to finish Rockband 2’s Endless Setlist 2 without failing a song or pausing the game. That’s completing 84 songs, taking around 6 hours and 15 minutes without hitting pause once to relieve your aching bladder.

After your carpal tunnel surgery just show the doc a screen cap of this achievement and it’ll be all worth while.

5. Mr. Perfect – Megaman 10

Hardest video game achievements

Anyone who’s played a Megaman game knows just how frustratingly difficult they can be. The sheer sight of this achievement is enough to make you quit video games for life, cut off your thumbs and send them to Capcom with a note that reads ‘Look what you made me do!’.

To unlock this achievement you have to complete Megaman 10 without getting hit once. That’s not without dying once. That’s one hit. You could be hours in and all it takes is one wayward ball, one spike, one poorly timed jump and you’re out.

Instead of devoting time to unlocking this achievement might I suggest patting a dog or feeding a homeless person?

4. Impossible Boy – Super Meat Boy


Super Meat Boy is one of the toughest platformers around. Its raw, skill based gameplay tests even the most seasoned of gamers. So, it’s only natural that this game would have one of the hardest video game achievements to date. To unlock ‘impossible boy’ you have to complete the Dark World version of Cotton Candy World – without dying once. Only 0.6% of players on Steam have made it through these 20 thumb-numbing levels without dying. Good luck!

3. Yes, I Am The Real Garry! – Garry’s Mod

Hardest video game achievements

This Garry’s Mod achievement is an unusual one in that skill alone will not help you. This unlock takes persistence and a lot of luck. To earn this notch in your belt you have to play Garry’s Mod on the same server as the creator Garry Newman. So, in order to do this you’ll have to keep an eye on his Steam profile, see when he’s playing Garry’s Mod, then jump into the game, rotating through every online server until you plop into the same one Garry’s playing on.

Considering this game came out way back in 2004, there is a slim, bee’s noodle of a chance you’ll ever see Garry playing this game. Truly one of the hardest video game achievements out there.

2. Unachievable – The Stanley Parable

Hardest video game achievements

This is the most frustrating video game achievement on this list because no one actually knows the requirements to unlock it. In a game that constantly changes the rules and makes you question what a video game actually is, it’s only fitting that there is an unachievable achievement. The thing is, you can unlock this achievement, it’s just nobody knows how. Around 3.3 percent of players on Steam have actually earned this trophy but are baffled as to what they did to achieve it.

In 2013, some tech-savvy yet frustrated gamers analysed the game’s coding and found a way to unlock the achievement. In response, the developers released a patch that stopped the hacker’s workaround and made the achievement even more randomised than it was before.  So now your only hope is to blindly sink endless hours into this game, mashing the keyboard, bumping into things then maybe, just maybe, someday you’ll achieve the unachievable.

1. Seriously 3.0 – Gears of War 3

Hardest video game achievements

This is one of the hardest video game achievements ever created. It is so tedious and long that we can’t actually list all the requirements here. At its heart, you need to earn all 65 onyx medals, which cover pretty much every aspect of the game. Here’s a sample of just some of the things you need to do to unlock ‘seriously 3.0’:

  • Play 4000 online matches
  • Get 6000 head shots
  • Win 3000 online matches
  • 6000 heavy weapons kills
  • 6000 explosive kills
  • Get MVP 500 times
  • 25,000 perfect active reloads
  • 6000 pistol kills
  • Earn 5,000,000 cash in Horde Mode
  • Complete 240 campaign chapters without dying

There’s a taste of just ten of the insane requirements for this achievement. The other 55 are just as grindy and tedious, if not more so.

Anyone who has the ‘seriously 3.0’ trophy, I doff my hat to thee.

So there’s our list of the 10 hardest video game achievements. Did this listicle make your gaming thumbs ache? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.   



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