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10 Funniest Looking Animals On Earth

From a squid with human teeth to an amphibian that looks like a wang join us as we take a look at the 10 funniest looking animals on Earth.

Promachoteuthis Sulcus

Promachoteuthis sulcus - 10 funniest looking animals on Earth


Promachoteuthis sulcus is a type of squid so rare scientists have only ever examined a single specimen caught by a German research vessel. This bizarre squid appears to have teeth very similar to a human. Be careful if you try to eat this thing! It might take a bite out of you instead!

Baby Aardvark

Baby anteater - 10 funniest looking animals on Earth

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When aardvarks are young they have floppy ears and extremely wrinkly skin which makes them look like some sort of cross between a small pink elephant and a bald kangaroo. Fortunately for the aardvark it will grow a full coat of fur after about 5 weeks and can start eating termites after just 9 weeks.

Saiga Antelope

Saiga antelope - 10 funniest looking animals on Earth

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Once native from Europe all the way to Mongolia, the Saiga antelope is now considered to be critically endangered. Found only in the grasslands of Russia and Kazakhstan this funny looking animal uses its trunk-like nose to help regulate its blood temperature by warming air in the winter and cooling air in the summer.


Tarsier - 10 funniest looking animals on Earth

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Found only on the islands of Southeast Asia, the tarsier is among the world’s smallest primates. Each one of it’s huge eyeballs is about 16 mm in diameter making them the same size as its brain! A very shy animal, the tarsier uses its oversized eyes to target it’s prey, leaping at insects using it’s powerful hind legs. Don’t be fooled by the cuddly look of this creature, they have also been known to eat lizards, bats, snakes and even birds!

Red Lipped Batfish

Red lipped batfish - 10 funniest looking animals on Earth

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The ridiculous looking batfish gets it’s name from it’s somewhat bat-like appearance. A poor swimmer, the batfish uses its pectoral fins as ‘legs’ walking its way across the ocean floor. The use of it’s bright red lips is not certain however it may play a part in catching it’s prey as it uses a small light emitting lure on the top of it’s head to attract small fish towards its mouth.

Australian Green Tree Frog

Australian green tree frog - 10 funniest looking animals on Earth


This photo of a very overweight Australian green tree frog highlights the species suitability as a rather docile and hardy pet. However this frog will actually scream at you if it feels it is in danger and can emit an unusual squeaking sound when stroked. If you are thinking about kissing one of these in the hopes it will turn into a prince and it yells at you, perhaps you should find yourself a batfish to snog instead.

Elephant Seal

Elephant seal - 10 funniest looking animals on Earth

The appropriately named elephant seal gets its name from the elongated, trunk-like nose seen on the male. Spending most of their lives in the ocean elephant seals usually only come ashore during mating season. The nose cavity of the male is used to make loud roaring noises and also acts as a way for the males to reabsorb moisture while breathing. This is very important because the males do not leave the beach during mating season and have no other source of water. Males can reach a massive 6 metres (20 feet) in length and weigh a whopping 4000 kgs (8800 lbs).

Star Nosed Mole

Star nosed mole - 10 funniest looking animals on Earth


The very strange looking star-nosed mole is found in eastern Canada and northeastern United States. It has 22 tentacle like appendages known as Eimer’s organs protruding from its nose which it uses to feel its way around deep underground. The mole also uses it’s strange nose to feel out it’s prey which include insects, worms and small fish and may even be able to detect seismic vibrations.

Atretochoana Eiselti

Atretochoana eiselti - 10 funniest looking animals on Earth


Let’s be honest, this thing looks like a wang! the atretochoana eiselti is a burrowing amphibian species known as a caecilian. This unusual creature has no limbs or lungs, leaving it to slither along and exchange gas through its skin. It was thought to be extinct and was only known from two specimens until recently re-discovered in Brazil in 2011.

Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis monkey - 10 funniest looking animals on Earth


The hilariously funny looking proboscis monkey is native to the island of Borneo in southeast Asia. The male of the species has a bigger nose than the females and both have large stomachs resembling pot bellies. The Indonesian name for this odd looking creature is monyet belanda meaning ‘Dutch monkey’ as the Indonesians thought they resembled the Dutch colonisers who also had large noses and bellies.


Well, that was the 10 funniest looking animals on Earth. Can you think of any other funny looking animals we may have missed?

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