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10 Extreme Close Calls Caught on Camera

These clips are terrifying!

Extreme Close Calls. From an 80 year old woman nearly falling out of her skydiving harness to a guy nearly getting eaten by a shark, join us as we take a look at 10 extreme close calls caught on camera.

10. Woman Nearly Hit by Plane Taking Off


This footage, taken in an unknown location, shows the moment when two people nearly get hit by a plane taking off.

The woman holding the camera is filming her friend ride a quad bike down an airport runway. In the distance you can see a light aircraft beginning its takeoff. The plane comes within metres of collecting the woman holding the camera. It even seems to take evasive action nearly grounding its left wing on the tarmac.

Why were they on the landing strip in the first place and why didn’t they try and run out of the way?

9. Oil Tanker Almost Hits Stalled Boat


Check out this close call footage filmed in Sandy Hook, New Jersey in 2011. Filmed on board a fishing charter, you can see a small boat that has stalled right in the path of an oncoming oil tanker. Luckily the tanker passes safely just metres from the stranded boat. Astonishingly, as the massive ship is passing by, one of the passengers takes off their life vest!

8. Barcelona Plane Near Miss


This extraordinary footage was taken at Barcelona’s El Prat airport on July 7th, 2014. You can see the moment when a plane taxis across the path of another plane that’s about to land. The incoming plane is forced to sharply ascend to avoid a catastrophe.

7. Kid Nearly Dies on Sling Shot Ride


Taken in the mid 90’s, this footage shows the moment when a child almost slips out of his seat-belt on a sling shot ride at an amusement park. As the ride propels to extreme speeds of up to 160 km (99 miles) the boy pleads with the woman named Janice for help. Bizarrely, Janice couldn’t care less about the boy’s safety as she madly cackles to herself.

6. Crocodile Close Call in Mexico


This footage popped up in mid 2014. Filmed in Sian Ka’an, Mexico it shows a tourist being stalked by a giant crocodile. He frantically swims for the shore as the beast slowly follows behind, waiting for its moment to strike. Luckily, some quick thinking onlookers throw a large object into the water to distract the hungry crocodile.

5. Shark Close Call


Watch as this Australian man inadvertently keeps a shark at bay as he tries to haul a heavy metal basket back on to the boat. In true Aussie form, the camera man just laughs as the shark writhes about in the water.

4. Cross Wind Plane Landing Close Call


This extremely close call was filmed in Hamburg, Germany on the 1st of March 2008. Watch as the incoming passenger plane encounters some strong cross winds as it comes in to land. The conditions become so dangerous that the pilot is forced to abort the landing entirely.

3. Man Nearly Hit By Train Twice


This security camera captures the moment when a very stupid man becomes extremely lucky. For some strange reason you can see the man squat down on the rail line. What happens next is simply astonishing!

Somehow the man manages to jump out of the way of two speeding trains. What he was hoping to achieve in the first place is beyond me.

2. Near Death Airplane Collision with Skydiver


This insane footage was uploaded to a Youtube channel called ‘Forest Troy Pullman‘ in early 2015. It shows the moments when a tandem skydive nearly ended in tragedy. As the instructor and his student leap from the airplane they notice an incoming light aircraft. It gets closer and closer until it narrowly misses them by approximately a metre. At one point you can actually see the skydivers drogue and bridle actually touch the wing of the passing plane.

1. 80 Year Old Nearly Falls Out of Harness Skydiving


This crazy footage shows the moment an 80 year old lady nearly fell out of her safety harness while skydiving.

To celebrate her 80th birthday Laverne Everett decided to take the plunge and go skydiving, something she’d wanted to do for over ten years.

As you can see in the footage, seconds before the jump, Everett is understandably apprehensive but is forced out the door by the tandem instructor. As they fall, it quickly becomes apparent that she’s slipped out of her safety harness and is dangling precariously below the instructor.

The cameraman swoops in to try and aid the situation but is helpless against the force of the wind. Luckily the instructor manages to open the parachute without further endangering the life of Everett.

The two manage to safely land back on ground.

One year on, celebrating her 81st birthday at home, Laverne Everett was planning on riding in a race car.

So there’s our list of 10 extreme close calls caught on camera. Did this listicle make you wanna wrap yourself up in a cotton wool ball or go out and do some extreme stunts? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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