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10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created

Creepy Toys For Girls and Boys

These toys are just disturbing. From Adolf Hitler action figures to Batman with a butt plug we take a look at the 10 creepiest toys ever created.

Batman Squirt Gun

Batman Squirt Gun - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created

Toy Nerd

This bizarre Batman squirt gun was originally produced in Hong Kong for the Japanese market. Basically you fill Batman’s butt with water, squeeze his penis and watch uneasily as water comes squirting out of his mouth!

Wolverine Punching Bag

Blow up Wolverine punching bag - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created

Give It Love

Who were the marketers targeting when they released this blow-up Wolverine punching bag? Children or single mothers? Sales for this toy mysteriously went through the roof when Hugh Jackman was cast to star in The X-Men!

Adolf Hitler Action Figure

Adolf Hitler action figure - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created

The Glimpse

The War Criminals of The 20th Century are a set of dolls designed to appeal to that special little dictator in the family. The series includes Heinrich Himmler, Fidel Castro and of course Adolf Hitler. Collect them all…OR ELSE!

You Can Shave The Baby

You Can Shave The Baby doll - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created


This toy from Japan brings many things to mind. None of them good. The You Can Shave The Baby doll comes complete with overgrown tufts of fiery red pubic hair that you can shave off for fun!

Creepy Car

Creepy toy car with one eye - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created

Theo Fantastique

Nothing could be better for your child’s developing mind than riding around in the hollowed out head of a cyclops! You will have the coolest kid on the block as he cruises around with the rag top down. Beep! Beep! ‘Ladies!’

Baby’s First Baby

Baby's First Baby doll - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created

Gizmo Diva

It seems like children grow up too fast these days! Before you know it your darling little bub has taken her first step, said her first word and had her first baby! WHAT!? Now before you rush out to buy this ‘must have’ at Toys R Us you need to know that this toy was created by artist Darren Cullen and is not actually available to purchase. Sorry to ruin your day.

Growing Up Skipper

Growing Up Skipper Doll - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created

Top Ten Archive

First released in 1964, Skipper was the cute and adorable younger sister of Barbie. As the years went by some marketing genius at Mattel decided it was time that Barbie’s little sis matured into a woman and so in 1975 they released Growing Up Skipper. By turning her arm, skipper would develop breasts and grow an inch taller. You can always trust Mattel to find new ways of making a young girl feel insecure about herself!

The Musical Jolly Chimp

The Musical Jolly Chimp toy - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created

Scary Website

The Musical Jolly Chimp was first manufactured in the 1950s by the Japanese company Daishin C.K. With its poised cymbals and cocaine overdose stare this thing has been single handedly responsible for more nightmares than Freddy Krueger himself!

The Avenging Narwhal

The Avenging Narwhal play set - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created


The Avenging Narwhal comes complete with 4 magical interchangeable tusks and 3 cute and furry critters to gore! Choose whether the penguin, baby seal or cuddly koala get skewered as this rampaging narwhal takes justice into it’s own hands er…fins!

The Evil Stick

Evil Stick toy - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created


Evil Stick toy with demon girl face - 10 Creepiest Toys Ever Created

The Daily Edge

Michelle Allen bought this magical toy for her 2 year old daughter from a dollar store in Dayton, Ohio, USA. At first glance the Evil Stick appears to be a toy wand designed for little girls to hold as they flutter around the backyard like a fairy. There’s nothing evil about that! But if your precious little girl happens to peel off the flimsy foil covering, the sinister truth is revealed. Underneath is a seriously unsettling picture of a demon girl cutting her own arm with a knife! WTF!?


The Creepiest toys ever made. What were the manufacturers thinking?

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