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10 Best Video Game Easter Eggs

Have you found any of these?

Easter Eggs in video games are little secrets that the developers throw in for a bit of fun. From jump scares to assassin turkeys, join us as we explore 10 of the best video game Easter Eggs.



10. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

This is one of the best Video Game Easter Eggs

In the Uprising DLC there is a map called Mob of the Dead. Head to the far end of the roof, to the left of the runway and look at the fireworks in the distance through the scope of a sniper rifle and there you’ll get a pleasant surprise! A jump scare of a zombified face with some loud noise will pop up on your screen. Fresh underpants anyone?

9. Fallout: New Vegas

This is one of the best Video game Easter Eggs.
Games Radar

South East of the Goosesprings if you have the Wild Wasteland trait activated, follow the road and you’ll find the skeletal remains of Indiana Jones stuffed in an old fridge.

8. Watch Dogs

This is one of the best video game Easter eggs.

It’s possible to get the protagonist Aiden to text Olivier Garneau who is the CEO of Abstergo Entertainment from Assasins Creed IV: Black Flag. In the text, Aiden threatens the CEO’s life and ends with the words ‘Requiescat in pace’ which is the famous phrase that assassins whisper to their targets.

7. Batman: Arkham Asylum

This is one of the best video game Easter eggs.

Inside Quincy Sharp’s office there is a hidden blueprint referencing the game’s sequel Batman: Arkham City. To reach it, you have to place several layers of explosive foam on the wall. Using detective vision won’t identify a weakened wall either. The room was so well hidden that no one found it for two years until developer Rocksteady revealed its location in a preview for the sequel.

6. X Men Origins: Wolverine

This is one of the best video game Easter eggs.
Games Radar

Like most movie to video game ports this was nothing special. But there is some interesting, albeit random, Easter Eggs hidden within. In the very first level you can find the hatch from the television series Lost. While in chapter 2 there is an icy cave that houses Frostmourne, the legendary sword from Warcraft lore that sent Arthas into madness.

5. Assassin’s Creed III

This is one of the best video game Easter eggs.

This summer a new breed of assassin is coming. You’ve played as Syrian assassin Altair, Florentine Nobleman Ezio and boring Desmond Miles. You’ve been a native, a pirate, a French revolutionary and now finally, as if Ubisoft didn’t have enough of your money, comes the visionary new adventure Assassin’s Turkey.

That’s right in Assassin’s Creed 3, just after sequence 6 you can find a turkey in Davenport Homestead. If you take cover and whistle, the turkey will start following you. Now, enter the famous Konami code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Or O, X if you’re on Playstation.  After this, you’ll bend down and feed the turkey then an assassin’s hood should appear on your gobbly friend.

4. Donkey Kong

This is one of the best video game Easter eggs.

This is a legendary video game Easter Egg that went undiscovered for 26 years until programmer Landon Dyer revealed it, followed by the words it’s ‘totally not worth it’. On the Atari 400 and 800 ports of Donkey Kong if you’re feeling pedantic enough to see the secret for yourself then:

  • Play a new game, achieve a high score of 37,000, 73,000, or 77,000. The last three digits can be any combination of numbers.
  • Kill off your remaining lives, with your last death resulting from falling.
  • Set the difficulty to 4 by pressing the option button 3 times.
  • Wait for the game to cycle through the demo screen then at the title screen you will see the programmers initials LMD at the bottom.

You’re right. That was totally not worth it.

3. Battlefield 4

This is one of the best video game Easter eggs.

On the Nansha Strike map in the Navel Strike DLC a humongous Megalodon can be summoned from the briny deep.

Here are 3 easy steps to lure the giant shark out of the darkness below:

  1. Gather 10 players around the buoy floating in the water not far from capture point C.
  2. Wait a little.
  3. Wipe away tears of joy as you witness the beast arc majestically across the sky.

You now have an eternal bond with the brave soldiers who were there to witness what happened that day – celebrate with Doritos and Mountain Dew!

2. Metal Gear Solid

This is one of the best video game Easter Eggs.

Here’s a famous one that creeped a lot of stoners out back in the day. Late in the game during an encounter with the psychic and telekinetic villain Psycho Mantis she would seemingly reach into your mind and know what games you liked with frightening accuracy. The game would scan your Playstation and identify other Konami saved game files and relay the information in game making it appear as though she had read your mind – well played Konami, well played.

1. Grand Theft Auto V

This is one of the best video game Easter eggs.

A humorous re-enactment from a Hollywood classic. High up on Mount Chiliad near Raton Canyon, the famous last scene from Thelma and Louise is spectacularly played out for your enjoyment. To activate the scene you must be flying a helicopter near the cliff face between 7 PM and 8 PM. There you’ll see a classic beaten up convertible with two women inside surrounded by police. Eventually the car will drive off the cliff, sailing to metaphorical freedom before smashing into a thousand fiery pieces.

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